Online shopping has become essential in our daily lives, but there is a huge gap between purchasing and wearing. In this post, using a Shopify theme for clothing stores can address that gap in their mind with this theme. Shopify themes for clothing stores are designed to make the store look better and attract more customers.

What is the Shopify theme for clothing stores?

Shopify themes are a feature of shopping websites; they display product details, pictures, prices, and other information that differ from the regular shopping website.

By using the best Shopify themes for clothing, the users get access to some specialized features of Shopify when they shop for clothing. For example, Shopify clothing website templates can include an image gallery or an image gallery with product images.

Benefits of Shopify theme for clothing store

Benefits of Shopify theme for clothing store
Benefits of Shopify theme for clothing store

Some people think a Shopify theme for a clothing store is all about SEO and getting more visitors to your site, but this is not necessarily true. The look and feel of your site significantly impact your conversion rate and revenue too! 

So if you’re looking at improving your shop’s conversion rate, you should consider Shopify themes without necessarily having to learn how to code.

Here are the most significant benefits of a Shopify theme for a clothing store:

  • Enhance your brand prominence:-
    Appropriate web design can make consumers fall in love at first sight with your brand and products visible in this competitive market. Unique Shopify clothing website templates eliminate the chances of misinterpretation by people about the poor quality of your product compared to outdated themes.
  • Unparalleled user experience:-
    Shopify theme for a clothing store is an exclusive feature for stylish web design. Shopify themes include various attributes like navigation, color combination, aesthetics, etc., which provide an unparalleled user experience to customers.
  • Faster to make simple to use:-
    Website designing is a crucial part of creating an online store as it includes the following factors: what kind of design meets your brand requirements, how the customer will navigate, what feature your store should have, etc. Shopify theme for clothing stores eliminates all these activities and creates your online store in just a few clicks.
  • Better customer engagement:-
    Shopify themes are naturally responsive, which helps you to retain your customer and develop new consumers.

Top 10 Best Shopify Themes for Clothing Store

With the rise of digital marketing, companies are using Shopify as a platform to sell their products. They must design and develop the website to make it attractive, efficient and user-friendly.

The Shopify themes available on Shopify are very useful for designers and developers to make online store users friendly and efficient on any device with a different screen.

Find out the 10 best Shopify themes for clothing stores

  1. Shella
  2. Ella
  3. Wokiee
  4. Lezada
  5. Belle
  6. Goodwin
  7. Yanka
  8. Glam
  9. Zeexo
  10. Blum

1. Shella

Shella - Shopify Theme for Clothing Store
Shella – Shopify Theme for Clothing Store

If you want Shopify themes for clothing stores that load faster, Shella is a perfect choice. It claims to be the fastest-loading Shopify theme. Shella offers 65+ Shopify clothing website templates that eliminate trouble customizing your online store.

Similarly, Shella is compatible with Obrelo, allowing consumers to import products faster than other marketplaces. A feature like a shipping progress bar makes it easy for the consumer to track their order.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Mobile friendly, Responsive24×7 support is not available as English is not their natal tongueConsumer looking for quick loading theme
SEO optimized
Different types of content blocks available
A size guide popup allow customers to select outfits based on body size.
Slide-out cart for the customer to purchase easily

2. Ella

Ella - Shopify themes
Ella – Shopify themes

With 19000+ sales Ella is the best eye-catching, responsive and well-designed Shopify theme for clothing stores. Also, Ella have a feature like AJAX layered navigation brings customers to their desired product quickly and looks best with mobile devices.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Offers mega menu for portable devicesPoor client supportConsumer looking for a wide range of Child Themes
Allow media videos and 3D models on your online storePayment method like amazon is not supported
Bulk Editor made tremendous child themesCharge an extra amount to take the customer directly to the payment
Faster payment process depends on consumer location

3. Wokiee

Wokiee - Shopify themes
Wokiee – Shopify themes

Wokiee is a premium Shopify theme that has a very specific niche. The developer wants to ensure that their customers are not taken in by counterfeit fashion & promised 86+ promising home page layouts.

Wokiee allows both single-product-focused and multiple-product-focused: you can create any of them. The Wokiee Shopify theme for clothing stores can be used in desktop and mobile applications.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Allow displaying a variety of products & menusNo free plan & cash backConsumers looking to customize their online store for handcrafted products made with personalize dyes & processes
Available multipurpose designLimited customer support- 6 months. Then it will charge an extra amount.
Offers unique tools and components to create powerful storeLayout comes without an image
Easy nevigation modification
Easy product display & page-layout modification

4. Lezada

Lezada - Shopify themes
Lezada – Shopify themes

With multiple demos available & 220 amazing home page varieties, Lezada has become one of the most popular and best Shopify themes for clothing stores with 18000+ sales. It is fully responsive and offers multiple user-friendly features. It also provides 11+ slider layouts and 40+ drag & drop sections with multiple header footer variations.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Allows you to put the “Deal of the Day” button on your home pageIt may affect your sales as the consumer will look for a lower priceConsumers looking to target women’s summer swimwear and accessories
Perfect theme for SEOOpen competition among sellers as many available with the same product
Uses 7 shop layouts & also develops coming soon page for new product launchHard to sell a product
Easy nevigation modification
Easy product display & page-layout modification

5. Belle

Belle - Shopify themes for clothing stores
Belle – Shopify themes for clothing stores

Belle is a wonderful and well-designed Shopify theme that lets you develop your desired online clothing store with more than 16+ high-quality demos, which are highly customizable and user-friendly.

You can maintain buyer data most securely without breaking their privacy level as it is GDPR-ready. Belle shopify theme for clothing guarantees high reliability & performance.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
It offers a video button for your product image, which is the mostTakes more time to understand all specificationsConsumers who want to maintain their buyer data confidentially
It offers product inquiry popups with 9 different stylesLimited customer support- 6 months. Then it will charge an extra amount.
Great consumer user experience
Offers many user-friendly page layouts
Customer can browse many products without refreshing

6. Goodwin

Goodwin - Shopify themes
Goodwin – Shopify themes

With 70+ unique widgets & 14+different layouts, and 50+ pages, Goodwin has become one of the most popular and best Shopify themes for clothing stores, with 1180+ sales & 4.9 ratings. It allows full customization to build a user-friendly online clothing store. Goodwin Shopify clothing website templates are user-friendly, support Snippets and load faster.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Higher customer conversion rate due to dynamic checkout buttonLoading speed is slowConsumers who want to target a niche audience
It supports RTL & allows you to develop verticle/horizontal page layouts
You can import all your products without any difficulties
Comes with 70+ unique widgets
Faster loading and SEO friendly
Allows you to choose colors, fonts and more for your theme

7. Yanka

Yanka - Shopify themes
Yanka – Shopify themes

Yanka, the Shopify theme for clothing, doesn’t need any coding skills, making it easier to create a new online clothing store from scratch with many home page layouts and blocks. It is undoubtedly one of the best themes and comes with multiple features, minimizing the additional cost of acquiring other apps. Yanka is SEO-friendly too.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Number of content blocks availableComplicated for beginners to understandConsumers who want to target a niche audience & ideal for fashion store
Integrated with SNS and other apps
Flawless live serach option
Faster performance
Faster loading and SEO friendly
Allows you to choose colors, fonts and more for your theme

8. Glam

Glam - Shopify themes
Glam – Shopify themes

Glam Shopify theme is naturally responsive and one of the top 10 clothing stores in the world, boasting over 400,000 subscribers on Instagram.

It offers unique trending features and technical tools to develop a successful online clothing store. Glam Shopify clothing website theme provide features like a popup view, sidebar filter, AJAX integration, product sale label etc.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Best quality SEO with quick loading themeComplicated for beginners to understandSuitable for selling apparel for both children and adults
Features like order taking options & newsletter popup
Theme is integrated with other social media platforms
Sidebar filters like size, category, material brand, colour fonts etc.
Fully responsive
Drag & drop feature available

9. Zeexo

Zeexo - Shopify themes
Zeexo – Shopify themes

Zeexo is one of the high-rated multifunctional Shopify themes. It is fully responsive and created by Shopify developers.

Zeexo Shopify clothing website templates are constantly being updated so consumers can leverage the perks of managed online Shopify stores. It helps to enhance sales with its unique features like exit-intent popups and a countdown timer.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Flyout Submenus or mega menu layoutZero refundConsumer who wants to adjust product image automatically
Developed in AJAX search
Integrated with various platforms like the arena, orbelo etc
108 prebuilt store demo.
Easy import your product

10. Blum

Blum - Shopify theme for clothing stores
Blum – Shopify theme for clothing stores

Blum is a high-speed page-loading theme niche focused on beauty, health, and fashion. The crucial factor is that the rich image display option helps to covert inquiry into sales for respective industries. Blum is supposed to be the first theme developed for mobile, whch makes sure the buyer has a brilliant user experience.

FeaturesDisadvantagesSuitable for
Flawless storytelling page layoutSo many features can make the user feel overburdenedNiche-focused health for fashion and beauty businesses
Quick page loading & 24×7 customer supportIndistinctive betweenSolie, Mondo and Celia
Completely compatible with online store 2 features
Naturally responsive for mobile devices
Features like customizable pop-ups featured product carousel designed for promotions

Factors to consider while choosing Shopify themes for clothing stores

Shopify has many themes available, and many people use them. So, we should not just focus on the most popular Shopify theme for clothing stores but also consider what our customers will be interested in.

The clothing brand needs an eye-catching site design that appeals to the customer and makes them feel at home. They should also create relevant and interesting content for their niche audience.

If Shopify themes don’t do this, they will lose out on potential customers who would never even consider buying clothes in their store because of poor design.

Here are the most important factors you should consider when choosing the best Shopify themes for clothing store:

  • How much time will it take you to create a new theme?
  • Will it be easy to maintain & use the theme in the future?
  • Will you have enough content creation tools?
  • What is the setup cost of your Shopify store?
  • Is your theme suitable for your niche audience?
  • Does your theme offers the features you need?
  • Does your theme offer the swatches option to let customers know the variety of collections there?
  • Does your theme offers “Quick view” or “Quick shop” that will bring your consumer to the unique product details?

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Your shop is in the most sophisticated clothing store in the world. And you’re sick of your boring design and poor search engine optimization? Losing control over your online Shopify store means losing customers and poor sales.

Want to create a unique online Shopify clothing store? No need to hire a designer or spend hours making clothing in Photoshop! 

 As listed above Top 10 best Shopify themes for clothing stores can help you to build unique clothing stores and accelerate your sales growth. Shopify theme will make your presence visible in this competitive and gradually increasing customer demand.

Contact Cartcoders to hire dedicated Shopify developers, get yourself a world-class online clothing store of your choice, and skyrocket your sale.

FAQ About Shopify Themes For a Clothing Store

Which are the top 10 best themes for a clothing store in Shopify?

The top 10 best themes for clothing store is in Shopify are listed below:
1. Shella
2. Ella
3. Wokiee
4. Lezada
5. Belle
6. Goodwin
7. Yanka
8. Glam
9. Zeexo
10. Blum

How to choose the best Shopify theme for your online clothing Store?

Here are the most important factors you should consider when choosing the best Shopify themes for a clothing store:
1. Time required to develop a new Shopify theme
2. Shopify theme should be easy to use and maintain
3. Shopify theme should offer unique content creation tools.
4. What is the Budget for your  Shopify store?
5. Shopify theme should be relevant to Niche
6. Shopify theme should offer various unique features.
7. There should be a Swatch option.

Is a Shopify theme suitable for your clothing store?

Yes, Shopify themes are suitable for your clothing store. Here is why.
Most online businesses don’t spend more than 5 minutes a month on content creation & about 30% of that is spent on product descriptions/copy. Shopify themes are an easy way to skip this process and create a great-looking clothing store that appeals to your ideal customer base to buy your product. The look and feel of your online store significantly impact your conversion rate and revenue.

What are the benefits of Shopify theme for clothing store?

Shopify theme can enhance the look & feel of your online clothing store. Here are the most significant benefits of a Shopify theme for a clothing store:
 1. You can develop Quickly
2. Enhance your online presence in this competitive market
3. Simple to use
4. Unparalleled user experience
5. SEO friendly
6. Increase customer engagement
7. Better sales growth

Should I use a free or paid Shopify theme?

Going for a free theme is a good idea, but if you are looking for long-term business sustainability, paying some extra amount for a premium Shopify theme can be game-changing for your business growth.

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