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Shopify Multi-Vendor

Convert your e-commerce store to a multivendor marketplace and take your business to new heights

Shopify is a great platform for online sellers as it offers a very user-friendly interface to set up your eCommerce store. With its self-hosting services, your store is live the moment it is set up after initial configurations.

But conventionally, it doesn't support the multi-vendor marketplace setup, if we compare it with other popular eCommerce stores like amazon and ebay.

Does that mean you can't host multi-vendor eCommerce stores on the Shopify platform? The answer is, fortunately, no - with the help of custom app development services offered by cartcoders, you can. And, being open-source, supporting this additional development makes shopify one of the best multi-vendor e-Commerce platforms available currently.


Why cartcoders is the most preferred choice of business owners to develop platform solutions for their Shopify stores?

  • User-friendly Admin Dashboard for Both Owners and Vendors: Based on our success stories associated with the Shopify multi-vendor platform, we have devised strategies to develop intuitive dashboards that helps both the store admins and the sellers/vendors so that they can easily carry out their day to day operations.
  • Separate Seller Dashboard for Vendors: Cartcoders provide you a separate, multi-functional dashboard just for sellers, which usually provides you metrics related to their sales/purchases, product inventory and various options to add/modify/remove products.
  • Real-time Data Sync among Servers: There are few ready to use plugins/apps available for multi-vendor eCommerce stores on Shopify app platform, which have been deemed unreliable when it comes to server 'up time' and real-time data sync between client and server. This could prove costly if your shopify store sees a surge in traffic and multiple users are trying to access a product page. What will happen if a product goes out of stock and you still find it available as a user of the store?

    Cartcoders' development team has learned from this fatal mistake and utilizes best in industry apis and backend server coding structure to avoid such kind of out-of-sync scenarios.
  • Scalable and Customized Dashboards as per Requirements: Cartcoders' custom app development team can modify/customize your existing admin and vendor dashboards as per your requirements. Whether the vendor dashboard is being used by 10 sellers or 10000, the development is done in such a manner that the users can be scaled without affecting the store's overall performance.
  • Responsive Designs to Seamlessly Render on Both Desktop and Mobile Platforms: Multi-vendor Shopify stores developed by cartcoders' are offered with responsive designs. This allows both admins and vendors to effortlessly work and access the dashboards from both desktop and mobile platforms, without compromising on any workflows or screens.

The best thing about having Shopify's multi-vendor store is the amount of control you get as an admin. Cartcoders' multi-vendor marketplace setup provides such comprehensive administrative accessibility capabilities to users, which are at par with industry standards. As an admin, you get to control:

  • Number of Vendors allowed inside a store.
  • Vendor-specific setups and configurations.
  • The accessibility of the store - whether to keep it Public or Private.
  • Administrative access levels.
  • Vendor-specific SEO services offered to sellers to boost their product sales.