Shopify Google Analytics: The First Steps To Enhanced Shopify

Shopify Google Analytics Setup

With the help of our Google Analytics experts, be assured and take a rest, you will get the right customers for your Shopify store with your Google Analytics set up on your store.

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Take Better Decisions Based on Shopify Google Analytics Setup

Shopify platform is a booming name in the E-Commerce market, and is handling billions of transactions via stores hosted on it currently. Just by looking at the volume and size of the huge E-Commerce market, it becomes quite evident for business owners to know where and how their money is spent and measure the roi (return of investment).


And for this, you require services like web analytics for Shopify stores, and what better than Google analytics for the same! Some of the Advantages of Using Google Analytics for E-Commerce Shopify Stores Are

  • Tracking products with most views, such that it can be used as part of recommendations under ‘customers also viewed’ or ‘you might be interested in’ sections.
  • Better graphical representation of website’s sales trends. Once you add google analytics to Shopify, you get to use all of shopify’s intuitively designed dashboard which offers useful in-and-out insights of your website’s sales data for better management.
  • Tracking products in cart for targeted sales strategy, for you to analyze where exactly in the checkout funnel, customers are not getting encouraged to buy products.
  • Tracking and displaying optimized search results based on demographics,as it helps in analyzing user’s interests and helps you implement location/language/gender-specific sales campaigns.

If you are still finding it hard to set up Shopify Google analytics conversion tracking mechanisms across your Shopify store, then CartCoders can help you for the same with their comprehensive and all-in-one Shopify Google analytics setup and maintenance services. Some of the salient features of it are

  • Setting up Google Analytics: Includes setting up of basic dashboards of page visits, page performances, setting up ‘enhanced E-Commerce’ option, setting up Google tag manager with Google analytics, and setting up other funnels and goals reports.
  • Setting up Google Conversion Tracking: Shopify Google analytics conversion tracking mechanism helps you with dashboards to analyze and measure the problems and leaks associated with your workflows and marketing campaigns, so that you can improve upon them.
  • Setting up Spam Protection: The most common problem faced by business owners is the referral spam, where your competitors might force you to gather false data by engaging bots. There are various ways to deal with such issues, and CartCoders is determined to handle all your spam-related worries.
  • Setting up Search Tracking Mechanism: Many of the visitors navigate your store through the search options provided within your website in order to find their intended products. With this mechanism, you can get an idea of what keywords drive the whole search operations, and how to link it with other keywords for better visibility.

If you are an owner of a Shopify store, setting up Google analytics E-Commerce tracking for Shopify is the need of the hour - as it is extremely critical to know where exactly you are spending the money, and how to make accurate plans for your future sales campaign.

Google analytics for E-Commerce Shopify stores can be leveraged to analyze how customers are using your website pages. CartCoders helps business owners effectively set up Google analytics commerce tracking for Shopify mechanisms across their E-Commerce stores, and add Google analytics to Shopify such that while making important sales and business decisions, all the required data is handy in the form of reports and graphs. This saves them from the hustle of collecting the same data manually, which is usually maintained in excel sheets and is bound to errors due to human intervention.