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Shopify as an E-Commerce platform has grown immensely over the past decade. If you are a store owner on Shopify, you must already have been amazed by the vast advantages it offers over its popular competitors like - Weebly, WooCommerce/WordPress, Wix, OpenCart, etc.


What Does Shopify Store Speed Optimization Means?

There are various shopify speed optimization techniques that can be applied to speed up a Shopify site. But when we talk about optimization, at CartCoders, we focus on both desktop and mobile views of your pages. We help speed up a shopify store by working on below major aspects of your pages, to name a few:

  • The gtmetrix score and Google page speed insights.
  • Resizing and compression of images.
  • Minifying the JS, CSS and the HTML calls, wherever applicable.
  • Identification of buggy CSS and JS elements for render blocking.
  • Controlling and reducing the number of http calls while the page loads.
  • Minimizing the unnecessary apps installed on the Shopify store.

At Cart Coders, We Generally Focus on Two Main Factors

  • Factors Affecting Loading of Your Shopify Page:

    If you are aware of certain webpage optimization metrics, then you must have definitely heard about a website's bounce rate (the rate at which your website visitors leave after visiting the first page itself) and the conversion rate (the rate of visitors who complete an intended workflow, like purchasing a product, wishlist items, signing up to create an account, etc.). A low bounce or conversion rate of your shopify store generally reflects poor load speed of your pages, which should be worked upon immediately.

  • Enhancing the UI/UX Code/Logic of Your Shopify Site:

    Mobile devices are everywhere! And that's why you must optimize your Shopify store to render a UI/UX similar to that of the web. Some of the popular techniques include - minimizing the usage of texts on your product showcase pages, putting up the ‘add to cart’ button consciously visible every time on the pages, having a fixed navigation bar, and so on. Cart coders help professionally to every store owner in optimizing their shopify pages across both desktop and mobile UIs, and below parameters are worked upon at priority:

    • Optimizing the sliders/pop-ups for touch screen and smaller devices.
    • Identification and conversion of a web page's ‘clickable’ events into ‘tappable’ events for mobile devices.
    • Effective handling of layouts and grids on devices with different screen resolutions.
    • Impact analysis of usage of vector icons over icon fonts.
    • Optimizing the banners and high-resolution image rendering over mobile devices.

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Why You Require Shopify Store Speed Optimization?

To be very honest, in the beginning, when you are all excited to launch your web store with the shopify platform, everything works great. The pages load blazingly fast, the page transitions are smooth as the shopify site speed is at its peak. But as your business grows, you tend to add more products, ‘good looking’ themes, tools, high-resolution images, etc. - ultimately eats up all your resources and results in low or poor Shopify page speed.

According to data published by ‘think with google’, a pioneer in digital marketing research and trends:

The neural net, which had a 90% prediction accuracy, found that as page load time goes from one second to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases 123%. Similarly, as the number of elements—text, titles, images—on a page goes from 400 to 6,000, the probability of conversion drops 95%.

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