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Magento to Shopify

Migrate your Magento store to the Shopify store!!

Migrate your Magento store to Shopify with the numerous advantages of the Shopify platform. At CartCoders, We offer you a slightforward Store Migration to your Shopify Store.

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Hassle-free migration to world’s best E-Commerce solutions platform.

But if you are a small to medium-sized business owner and have been using magento E-Commerce platform for their online business (magento 1 to be specific), the biggest reason to migrate to shopify is the cost! Some of the reasons to migrate from magento to shopify instead of upgrading to magento 2, using cartcoders Magento to Shopify Migration Services.

  • Low Licensing and Development Cost, When we compare to magento 2. Newer plans of magento can cost around usd 2k per month, which is pretty high against what you get from Shopify.
  • Easy Learning Curve, Comparatively, you don’t need to have development knowledge to perform complex site administration operations. Additionally, the online community support is there to count as well, owing to its popularity.
  • Supports Customization, Which is the basic characteristic of any good E-Commerce platform in modern times.
  • Comes With a Hosting Service and Associated Suppor, Which magento 2 lacks at this moment. This is a major show-stopper for medium and small business owners.
  • Provides a Variety of Apps under Its Store, And you will always be amazed at how there is an app for your every requirement.

Process involved in magento-Shopify integration projects at cartcoders

  • Step 1. Taking Backup of Existing E-Commerce Store: Once the initial contractual obligations related to migration has been done, we help our customers in taking backups of their existing magento E-Commerce store database and other configurations. Includes backing up data related to product descriptions and images, skus, prices, orders and transaction histories, etc.
  • Step 2. Finalizing the Design and User Experience: Having an ideal UI and UX is very important from the seo performance perspective, as it directly affects your brand and sales. For every magento-Shopify integration project, we perform a thorough analysis of our customer’s existing magento E-Commerce store for any errors/issues, discuss it with them for possible solutions, and implement them during the project itself.
  • Step 3. Pinpointing the Utilities to Be Installed/Carried Over: Shopify hosts tons of apps which might be a game-changer in the way you operate your day to day business, and we help you choose the best apps from the store to match your workflow and business approach against what you were used-to in magento.
  • Step 4. Integration Testing: Nothing gets delivered to our customers without performing testing at user acceptance and integration levels. This step of magento to Shopify migration includes thorough testing of third party api and payment gateway integrations. Test orders are placed and end-to-end workflows are mocked for real-time testing.
  • STEP 5. Go-Live: After the development and testing activities cease, a final content validation is performed and voila! The final website is ready to go live over the internet.

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