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Migrate your Woocommerce store to the Shopify store!!

Get a free development template with the most graphical interface, at CartCoders We offer you a slightforward Store Migration to your Shopify Store.

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Not happy with your existing WooCommerce store? Just decide to switch to the Shopify platform and we’ll handle the rest!

If you have researched well, you must have noticed that the shopify platform has tons of advantages over woocommerce, such as its easy to use workflows and availability of many custom apps and themes over its stores.

But if the woocommerce to shopify migration process is what’s holding you back and you are yet to find a reliable woocommerce to shopify design and data migration services, then cartcoders is the answer to all your woes!

There are many readymade Shopify-WooCommerce plugins available in the market which can automate the process for you. But there are many known issues associated with them, and you can’t completely rely upon them for a fully functional migrated website.


At cartcoders, some of the key areas on which our woocommerce to Shopify migration experts focus upon are:

  • Mapping of Product Data and Associated SKU Codes: The products are the building blocks of your E-Commerce store and we believe that any information related to them should be migrated with a more focussed approach than the other sections.
  • Redesigning Your E-Commerce Store While Migration for Better SEO Optimization: When your E-Commerce store switches to Shopify, we ensure that the final product’s architecture and contents are seo friendly. Tasks like ensuring responsive designs, optimizing meta descriptions for products and images, etc. Are taken up before delivering the migrated website.
  • Re-installation/Integration of Third-party Tools: The readymade Shopify-WooCommerce plugins pose a major disadvantage to its users for migrations related to third-party tools. But our WooCommerce to Shopify migration experts can handle such requests like a piece of cake!
  • Porting and Migrating Store Database: Includes migration of all the store’s databases and relevant files from WooCommerce to Shopify. During the WooCommerce to Shopify design process, we make sure the relevant data integrity is maintained and the destination database’s schema is equally compatible.

Why choose cartcoders for your WooCommerce to Shopify development and migration process?

  • Affordable WooCommerce to Shopify Design and Migration Solutions: Our business development/sales team follows a more customer-centric approach in designing the overall contract - means there are no hidden costs and the plans are always designed to suit your requirements.
  • Domain Expertise: Our team members are highly skilled and certified, which ensures the smooth completion of projects and overcoming challenges that we face during the migration and development projects.
  • On-Time Delivery: Cartcoders’ streamlined project management processes ensure intelligent work assignments within the team, which in turn translates into hurdle free project completion and on-time delivery.
  • Reliable Support Services: Support and maintenance services can be availed at the time of contract finalization, which ensures our customers attain a ‘peace of mind’ even after WooCommerce to Shopify development and migration project is completed.

Contact us today for further discussions and get a quick quote on the WooCommerce to Shopify development and migration services which are offered by us.