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FamPay is a payment app developed to integrate the JoinFam payment gateway effortlessly in your Shopify store.

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Business and Project Overview

JoinFam enables Shopify merchants to accept payments and offer credits based on the amount of purchase. This payment gateway accepts only the Great British Pound for now. It facilitates Shopify merchants to accept payments at zero costs and enhances LTV with store credit rewards.

The brand is empowering Shopify businesses by boosting a 40% repurchase rate, increasing 2X customer retention, and 46% higher LTV. It helps business owners drive customers away from more costly payment methods and boost engagement, conversions, and loyalty.

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Boost Repurchase

Accelerate repurchase rate by 40%

Customer Retention

Increase new customer retention by 2X

Higher LTV

Maximize LTV by 46%

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Client Requirements

When the brand approached CartCoders, They were looking to target the vast Shopify community through the development of the Shopify payment app. The clients aimed to boost conversions, retention, brand identity, engagement, and sales volume through Shopify.

They were looking for Shopify payment app development using some sort of pre-developed APIs. Let's dive in deep to understand what FamPay was exactly the exacting from Us.

  • Shopify payment app development using pre-developed APIs
  • Looking to configure API credentials of FamPay
  • Easy payment process
  • Easy refund process
  • Dashboard configurations
  • Wanted to showcase a user guide
  • Looking to manage the Sandbox and production
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Key Features

Our Shopify experts have deep conversations with clients to find the exact requirements for the Shopify payment app development. After defining the specific needs, team CartCoders has prepared a strategic development plan using years of experience and advanced tools to develop a Shopify payment app that meets the client's requirements.

Dashboard Configuration

Dashboard Configuration

Displayed Use Guide

Displayed Use Guide

Managed Sandbox and production

Managed Sandbox and production

Easy payment process

Easy payment process

Financing/credit card options

Financing/credit card options



Easy refund process

Easy refund process

Credential APIs Configurations of FamPay

Credential APIs Configurations of FamPay

Technical Assistance

FamPay reached out to us with the aim of scaling its online business by capturing the Shopify platform community. The client was looking to build a Shopify payment app from pre-developed APIs to help merchants boost repurchase and new customer retention ratio. After getting the client's requirements, we developed features and implemented them into the Shopify payment app that meets clients' requirements.

Managing product data from Shopify checkout was quite a challenging task. However, our experienced developers overcome it by utilizing their wealth of experience. The following solutions we offered to develop a payment app with advanced features as per client's needs.

  • Developed a fully responsive Shopify payment app
  • Seamlessly configured API credentials of FamPay
  • Enabled easy payment and refund processes
  • Configured dashboard for configure merchant ID API secret of FamPay
  • Displayed user guide for providing information to users on how to use the app
  • Manage the Sandbox and production
  • Offered expensive financing/credit card options at checkout.
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Our team of skilled Shopify experts has seamlessly built the Shopify payment app utilizing the client's existing APIs. We used the Remix framework and post grace database to manage products at checkout. It enabled the client to guarantee about 40% repurchase retention, double new customer retention, and 46% higher LTV. We helped FamPay to take the brand directly to the Shopify merchants without needing overly complex efforts.

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Working with CartCoders was a great experience. Their team understood our specific requirements well and completed the Shopify payment app project effortlessly. The project was done in a timely manner, and ongoing support was always available when needed. Great Job, team CartCoders, and looking forward to working with you in future!



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