You don’t need to be marketing and business savvy to enter the online store market. Once you have picked out your eCommerce store development company, and decided on an eCommerce platform, the next thing you need is to select winning products.

Identify products that solve the problems of your target audience or something that your audience is passionate about. Research trending items, products that serve guilty pleasures, niche segments, etc to choose the most profitable products to sell online.

12 Most Demanded Products in The USA

Here is a list of trending and high-demand items that you can sell online

1. Furniture


The furniture market is a high-demand segment that experiences low competition owing to the resources and time investment it requires.

Once you have selected your eCommerce store development company and are ready with your Shopify store setup, you can start selling furniture online to witness a good customer base.

2. Tea/Coffee


Over 60% of Americans consume coffee every day creating a huge demand for coffee and other related items. Various flavors of tea and coffee are also becoming popular such as mushroom-based coffees due to their properties like health benefits, adaptogenic properties, body fat-reducing properties, etc.

You can research the trending types and flavors of tea and coffee that your target audience is consuming and sell them online.

3. Plants


The United States is one of the top countries for the sale of online fake plants. Artificial plants have a great demand online as they make great home decor items. They add an earthy feel to your home without the regular maintenance that real plants require.
Search interest for fake plants has been witnessing an upward trend. The search volume for fake plants as well as real plants spiked during the start of the pandemic and has been relatively high ever since.

You can offer fake plants online in various sizes and shapes from larger tree-like plants to small plants. Small fake plants are also trending as decor pieces for workspaces.
You can also write a guide on how to use these fake plants as decor pieces on your site to boost sales.

4. Pet Supply

Pet Supply

Pet owners are always trying to pamper their furry friends, developing a thriving marketplace for high-quality pet supplies. From grooming essentials to health-focused items and trendy accessories, you can tap into the pet supply trend. This category will help you capture the market of pet-loving consumers and also cater to the well-being of pets.

Here are some of the popular pet supplies that you can try selling online:

  • Chew Toys
  • Premium pet treats and food made from natural, high-quality ingredients
  • Pet grooming supplies such as nail clippers, brushes, and combs
  • Pet blankets, furniture, and beds to provide relaxation and comfort
  • Harnesses, collars, and leashes in various designs and styles
  • Pet health and wellness products such as supplements, dental care items, and vitamins
  • Specialty items such as smart feeders, GPS trackers, and odor eliminators care for and monitor pets
  • Outdoor and travel gear such as portable water bottles, pet carriers, and travel bowls
  • Pet behavior modification tools and training aids for addressing pet behavior issues such as chewing or barking
  • Pet cleaning and hygiene products such as odor eliminators, litter boxes, etc.

5. Nail Polishes

Nail Polishes

Nail Polish took off as a popular makeup trend a decade ago and has ever since maintained its interest. There are markets for manufactured and hand-mixed nail polish, ensuring that almost anyone can enter this market.

  • Beauty online stores are actively selling nail polishes
  • Many people have started small businesses doing nails at home or have turned to DIY nail art which requires them to maintain a healthy stock of nail polishes.
  • The Nail Polish market size was USD 15.5 billion globally in 2023 making it another profitable niche to enter.

6. Book


It is both cheaper and effortless to source books from online sellers making it a highly profitable niche for online stores. Reference books, fictional, educational, fantasies, and other types of books from US best-selling authors and overseas publishers can be found across eCommerce websites.

7. Rugs


Rugs, especially antique or handmade ones have always been assumed as the greatest assets of a family, it is like conserving a bottle of wine.

The selling of rugs via online channels has become incredibly popular as consumers can browse through various kinds of rugs including handmade, antiques, machine-made, decor pieces, etc. You can price your rugs depending on the quality of material, color, condition, design, and size. Also, when planning to sell antique rugs you need to consider factors such as rareness and age.

8. Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

With more people trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, the market for yoga mats and other related products has seen a sharp increase in revenue. Yoga mats are one of the best-selling items online in the USA.

9. Laptop Skins

Laptop Skins

Laptop skins are an incredible way to protect your precious laptop from dirt, scratches, and other damage. People also use them to personalize their laptops by putting in a little bit of flair.
The best thing about selling laptop skins online is that you can provide your consumers with a great variety of designs, aesthetics, and sizes. You can also design your own laptop skins by creating illustrations through software like Photoshop. You can then print them on some standard laptop skin sizes.

10. Chair


Homeowners as well as business owners are on the constant lookout for high-quality, affordable chairs. From gaming chairs to recliners and lounge chairs, there’s a wide variety of chairs that you can sell online.

11. Jeans and Crop Top

Jeans and Crop Top

The yearly revenue of the fashion industry is expected to reach $2 trillion globally by 2027. Jeans and crop tops have been making a comeback. They are flattering, stylish, and comfortable for all body types.

The search volume for jeans and crop tops continues to rise and has even hit record highs in the past 6-12 months.

To effectively turn these trending fashion items into a profitable opportunity, make sure to offer a broad range of sizes and designs to your customers. Suggest suitable occasions for apparel items, like beach trips, formal events, night outs, sporty days, casual wear, etc.

12. Grocery


One of the most high-demand products to sell online in 2024 is grocery. Canned foods, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, spices, herbs, etc have a huge demand online. The online grocery market saw a sharp rise in demand since the pandemic and ever since people have been loving these online grocery stores.


Whether you want to sell books, furniture, or pet supplies, to make your mark in the eCommerce marketplace, you need to research the trends and hire an experienced eCommerce store development company. If you opt for a Shopify store setup to sell products online, make sure to hire Shopify developers with adequate skills and expertise.

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