Summary: Transitioning to the online sphere allows businesses to connect to a wider audience and make global sales. However, the success of an online store greatly depends on the level of customization and user experience. If you are wondering whether you have enough budget to integrate all the essential features into your site, then the good part is that there are various website development packages that you can choose from.

When choosing the right eCommerce website development package for your business, you need to have clear goals. Know which products you are going to sell and how to make your online store unique in the eyes of your customers. A custom web design will help you build trust with your customers by offering them unparalleled safety and user experience. If you don’t have the budget for customizations, you can opt for website development packages. These packages can also be tweaked to fit in some of your customizations without going overboard with the budget.

Before choosing an eCommerce development company, let us help you understand what to look for when selecting a website development package.

Key Components of eCommerce Website Development Packages

Key Components of eCommerce Website Development Packages

When choosing a website package, make sure that it has the following components:

Responsive design

Above everything else, the most important thing in any eCommerce website design package is responsive design. It is a feature that makes sure your website appears good and operates effectively, whether one is using a tablet, desktop computer, or smartphone.

With an increase in the number of mobile users, responsiveness in web design can greatly enhance user satisfaction, leading to higher sales conversion rates.

This means that your website would adjust its sizes on different screen sizes making them user-friendly sites for users and increasing retention rates.

Media Integration, High-Quality Visuals, and Interactive Elements

Attracting potential clients’ attention requires the use of high-quality visuals, interactive elements, and media content integration; for example, people prefer viewing detailed images and videos of goods before buying them online.

It might be beneficial for businesses if they opt for eCommerce website design packages that support video embedding, 360-degree product viewing, and high-resolution photos, helping them to increase the salability of their goods. Additionally, including features such as image galleries and zooming options would enable customers to personalize their buying experiences, making them even more engaging and trustworthy.

Robust Website Security

Apart from secure payment gateways, robust security functionalities should be adopted in an effort to guard your website from cyber attackers. Hackers normally aim at e-commerce platforms, hence the need for proper security mechanisms. Packages on offer should come with continuous updates with respect to security matters and installations that monitor firewalls as well as scanning for any malware, which includes a two-factor authentication system.

Your customers will trust your brand as long as the website is free from security risks, not to mention that its brand name would also remain unharmed if the site were made safer.

User-friendly Navigation

When people visit your website, they should be able to locate the required items easily. Crucial elements here include clear categories, a well-organized product and services menu, and an easy-to-use search tool. In case you want to design your e-commerce platform from scratch instead of using ready-made solutions, go for e-commerce website design packages that offer personalized navigation capabilities. Consequently, clients will like visiting your website, spend more time there, and eventually make more purchases.

SEO Optimization

While evaluating different e-commerce website development packages, it is important to prioritize Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A web design that is friendly to search engines like Google and Yahoo ensures your website’s rank on the first page of search engines’ lists, leading to more organic traffic.

Opt for web development packages that offer built-in SEO tools, including alt text images, keywords optimization, and meta tags. These tools will increase the discoverability of your site and drive more visibility, eventually leading to more sales.

Secure Payment Gateways

The website design packages must support multiple secure payment gateways to make customers feel safe. They must ensure that the payment details of customers are protected, creating a secured payment gateway, one of the key components of website development packages.

Features may include data encryption, compliance with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), and SSL certification. An e-commerce site should consider incorporating different payment options such as PayPal, credit cards, and debit cards, among other digital methods of payment, to minimize cart abandonment rates and improve user experience.

Integrated Analytics

To make data-driven decisions, integrated analytics are one of the most important characteristics of E-commerce websites. For instance, E-commerce website development packages that come with analytical tools enable a company to gain valuable information regarding customer behavior patterns such as purchase frequency or product preferences, as well as sales trend analysis besides analyzing site performance specifics, among other features.

Features such as sales reports, customer tracking, and Google Analytics integration help businesses monitor how their online stores are performing regarding their merchandising strategy’s success rate.

Themes and Templates Customization

Each business has its unique style and branding. Therefore, in the e-commerce website development packages, the developers have to include customizable themes and templates as an option to reflect their unique brand image.

Coming up with an exclusive web design by integrating elements such as font types, layout composition, font sizes, and color combinations can make your online store memorable. An engaging and cohesive design will differentiate your brand from the crowd and retain more customers.

Support and Maintenance

Your eCommerce website development package must offer ongoing maintenance and support services, including:

  • Regular site monitoring
  • Backups
  • Fixing bugs and other technical errors
  • Security updates
  • Uptime and scalability guarantees

When choosing an eCommerce development company, consider their technical support availability, response time taken for resolving issues, and the ability to scale your website as your customers grow.

Different Types of eCommerce Website Development Packages

Different eCommerce companies have different website development packages with scope for customization. You can discuss your budget and website requirements and choose a package that aligns with your goals.

Usually, there are three main types of eCommerce website development packages:

Starter Packages

These packages usually come with the following website development services:

  • One plugin-based payment gateway integration
  • Prebuilt theme design
  • Up to 10 web pages
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Social media page integrations
  • Limited Free Support
  • SSL Certificates
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Custom contact form
  • CMS

Standard Packages

These packages usually come with the following website development services:

  • Up to 10 customized web pages
  • Custom UI/UX Design
  • Premium plugins and themes
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Social media page integrations
  • Chat Widget Support
  • SEO optimization
  • Robust Security, including SSL certificates
  • Fast Web Hosting
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Custom shipping module
  • One Page Checkout

Premium Packages

These packages usually come with the following website development services:

  • Custom Design and CMS
  • Up to 20 web pages or even more
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Mobile responsive website design
  • Blogs supported
  • Chat widget support
  • Unlimited product and clear categories
  • High-resolution product images and videos
  • Social media page integrations
  • SSL Certificates
  • Google business page
  • Fast Web hosting
  • Featured and New Products
  • On-page and off-page SEO optimization
  • Product custom tags
  • Shoppable images
  • Product 360-degree view
  • Custom contact form
  • Custom shipping module and payment gateway
  • Full-screen home page slider
  • Recommended and most selling products
  • Content optimization

Customizing Your eCommerce Website Development Package

Customizing Your eCommerce Website Development Package

If you want your eCommerce store to be easily recognizable and high-performing, you should refrain from using drag-and-drop site builders. Building your website from scratch will allow you to create a user-friendly, engaging digital environment and bring your potential customers closer to your company culture. Custom features such as enhanced product filtering, one-page checkout, and SSL certifications can make your brand memorable and ensure higher sales.

When customizing your eCommerce website development package, clearly define your business requirements and goals. Reflect on essential features and functionalities that your website must have to attract your target audience. For instance, consider whether you want to integrate a custom shopping cart system or opt for a pre-built one depending on the expectations of your customers from your brand.

Choose user-friendly, custom themes and templates that align with the unique aesthetic and style of your brand to make it memorable for your customers. Prioritize options that provide responsive design for viewing on different devices and intuitive navigation to help users locate products easily.

Also, ask your eCommerce development company to integrate strong security measures such as secure payment gateways, SSL encryption, and regular security checks.


Compare the pricing structures of different eCommerce website development companies and evaluate their services against their prices. Look for essential features and functionality in your website development package and opt for customization to improve your user experience and reduce cart abandonment concerns. Talk to your eCommerce development company about your custom requirements and get a quote from them. Look for transparent pricing and ensure that they offer ongoing support.

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