Take your eCommerce empire to its limit! Explore the 10 most in-demand Shopify Plus applications of 2024, chosen to enhance revenues and automate chores for maximum purchaser pleasure. From tailored promotions to easy shipping, improve your store’s performance and leave the others behind in this contest.

Using the most excellent Shopify applications on your e-commerce shop can take you from an ordinary shop to an outstanding one.

When you are integrating Top Shopify plus apps into your store, they help to increase sales, streamline customer support, and improve customer experience. The great news is that Shopify has a vast app store with thousands of apps that will assist you in growing your business.

The number of available options can be intimidating when determining which apps best suit your store. Do not worry! We have done the work for you!

In this blog post, we will discuss a few of the Top Shopify Plus apps and how they can help you grow your business.

10 Top Shopify Plus Apps For Your E-Commerce Store

If you visit the Shopify app store and start checking out some of the free or free trial offers on many different applications, you’ll see why this is a good idea for ensuring something’s right for yourself and your company. Here’s a list of high-quality apps that are either free or offer free trials to get you set up right.

1. Keeper – Recover Abandoned Carts:

It is indeed a fact that shopping cart abandonment constitutes a major concern for online stores, but Keeper can be of great help. The app helps to automatically remember customers’ carts on any device, hence avoiding the agony of starting from scratch. It also offers personalized email reminders with attractive offers to encourage them to return to the checkout page.

Keeper has an intuitive interface, integrates smoothly with Shopify’s native recovery email, and even comes with a free package for frugal entrepreneurs. It is more or less like having a loyal assistant who retrieves your carts, thereby converting abandoned carts into purchases made. This means no more missed sales and welcomes increased revenue assisted by Keeper!

Shopify Ratings: 4.3


  • Automated Follow-up Emails: Send customers personalized emails reminding them about their abandoned carts, including product pictures and discount offers.
  • Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Capture the attention of exiting prospective visitors with appealing promotions and entice them into completing transactions.
  • A/B Testing: Using various versions of email campaigns and pop-ups, measure their effectiveness to help optimize them.
  • Detailed Analytics: Follow shopping cart abandonment trends, uncover their causes, and focus on different types of buyers.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: This will make customers’ experience seamless when accessing your store through mobile devices.

2. Route – Protection & Tracking:

As well as providing shipping protection, Route acts as a double shield for your e-commerce store through order tracking. For example, they have optional coverage at checkout that indemnifies these cases while giving prompt replacements, thus saving you both time and money against refunds and disputes.

Nonetheless, Route does more than offer this security. Take, for instance, their real-time tracking program, which involves branded tracking pages with images displaying how it moves around. Think about how cool this can be – interactive maps, estimated delivery dates, proactive updates over email or SMS that bear your store’s name and logo. This fosters trust, minimizes inquiries, and even stimulates brand loyalty.
Every so often, they support offset schemes that aim to reduce carbon emissions in line with the environmentally conscious customers they serve. Thus, give them peace of mind and valuable tracking information – it’s the Route advantage!

Shopify Ratings: 4.8


  • Branded Tracking Pages: These let clients know about your business by having a logo and information on every page.
  • Automated Email Updates: They help send automatic mail notifications containing shipping updates and delivery confirmations.
  • Route+ Protection: This way, customers can buy optional purchase protection against loss, damage, or theft to boost consumer confidence.
  • Returns Management: Streamline the returns process with prepaid return labels and automated workflows
  • Global Shipping Optimization: Receive competitive shipping rates and get customs clearance automatically for global orders.

3. Loox – Product Reviews & Photos:

Social proof is highly valued in today’s online world, and that’s where Loox comes into play. It is beyond textual reviews by enabling customers to add photos and clips when giving their reviews. These visual testimonials are instant attention grabbers and trust builders and increase conversions on your site. Besides, Loox gives you beautiful custom widgets that display these reviews in any place of your shop you wish to have them on the front.
Also, automatic email requests guarantee a constant flow of fresh reviews, while referral programs built into the app leverage customer advocacy to reach a broader audience. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify themes; round-the-clock support is available, and see for yourself this social proof magic as Loox turns your product pages into trust powerhouses.

Shopify Ratings: 4.6


  • Photo & Video Reviews: Persuade clients to post photos and videos of themselves enjoying your products.
  • Review Moderation & Automation: Handle reviews efficiently with moderation tools and email requests that are automated.
  • SEO Optimization: Boost your search engine rankings by leveraging reviews, which can also help drive organic traffic.
  • Social Media Integration: Maximize your reach by posting reviews and pictures across social media channels.
  • Widget Customization: Customize your review widget to match your store’s design and branding.

4. Joy – Rewards, Loyalty Program:

Retention of customers in the competitive e-commerce world is essential, just like attracting new ones. Come joy as an unseen guest to win repeat purchase behavior and create loyalty among your customers. Joy allows you to build effective reward campaigns for loyalty programs using this full-fledged app. In addition, you can create multi-level programs with points that accumulate on purchases, referrals, social network activity, etc. Make your consumers happy by giving them discounts on products, exclusive offers, and access to pre-sales events as well as birthday gifts.

Enjoy a seamless integration of Shopify stores where customers have an individualized experience when buying through Joy. As such, tracking performance rates, engagement levels, and other information that creates a basis for program improvement becomes easier. You can use joy to generate loyal admirers who will not only be regulars but also ensure the continued progress of your business through word-of-mouth advertising, thus leading to sustainable growth in your online store.

Shopify Ratings: 4.6


  • Flexible Point System: You have to create a customized scoring mechanism that is versatile and depends on acts such as buying, rating or referring.
  • Staircase Incentives: This will motivate clients by having a step-by-step bonus scale with each stage having better offers and special discounts.
  • Automated Reminders & Email Prompts: This can be done by sending timely email reminders to customers to collect and redeem points.
  • Integrate smoothly: Smoothly integrate with your stores’ shopping cart and account pages for seamless usability.
  • Progressive Reporting & Analytics: Monitor how well the program is doing as you gain insights into the behaviour of your clients while you fine-tune your rewards program.

5. Instafee – Instagram & TikTok Marketing:

In this age of social media, pictures and videos that arrest people’s attention and intensify their participation are important. Instafee is an amazing tool as it enables one to unlock Instagram and TikTok’s vast potential for your e-commerce store while simplifying your marketing efforts. Your Shopify store can immediately compile and highlight fantastic product visuals from your Instagram and TikTok feeds. Change engaging posts into purchasable objects allowing customers to sort through items before making purchases through the app. Additionally, make use of their powerful analytics to measure performance, identify customer requirements, as well as improve on your social media campaign.

Consequently, one can also run ad campaigns geared towards specific individuals using this platform to get more traffic coming into their shop. It does not matter whether you are a newbie in online businesses or someone who has been doing it for a long time period; with Instafee, you will be able to exploit this trend-setting platform of Instagram as well as Tick-Tock, which will convert captivating images into real sales for an e-commerce store.

Shopify Ratings: 4.8


  • Shoppable Posts & Stories: Make your Instagram and TikTok posts shoppable with product tags and direct links. Sync your social media profiles with your product catalogue for easy updates.
  • Automated Product Feeds: Showcase featured products and collections in designated story highlights
  • Analytics & Insights: Get useful insights in terms of audience engagement level as well as product performance on social media.
  • Influencer Marketing Tool: Control the influencer partnership through the integrated capabilities and monitor your campaign performance.
  • Integration with Story Highlights: Present selected products or categories in a separate feature.

6. Printful- Print-on-Demand Excellence:

Printful, a prominent print-on-demand service partnered with Shopify Plus allows merchandisers to make and sell custom products without having to deal with inventory. Accordingly, Printful also enables its customers from various industries such as fashionistas access to personalized solutions like home decorations, garments, and others. Thanks to a user-friendly interface and an automated ordering system, merchants can easily upload artwork illustrations, fix prices as well as manage orders using the platform’s friendly interface. Thus, people in business in the Shopify Plus program can extend their business globally by offering unique handmade items through the wide-ranging distribution networks of Printful’s high-end catalogues.

Shopify Ratings: 4.6


  • Wide range of products: The product line is quite varied. This ranges from printings on mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, phone covers etc with over 250 diverse products.
  • Editable models: Make an ideal portrayal of your designs and show them off to the world.
  • Worldwide order fulfilment: Fast shipping options available for global clients.
  • Stock control system: It will monitor inventory levels and fulfil orders automatically without any minimums.
  • Pricing in real-time: Pricing is clear-cut for each product sold on the site as well as its customization so that you can set profit margins.

7. Pinterest- Visual Discovery Platform

Pinterest is a combination of social media applications that are used by Shopify Plus traders. It is purposely for them. With Pinterest business profiles, they can link their stores on Shopify Plus and expose their products to other people who may want to visit their favourite social network. In addition, the application has improved analytical and reporting capabilities that enable sellers to keep track of the progress of Pinterest campaigns and adjust them if need be to achieve better outcomes. On this platform, we have visual discovery tools which the Shopify Plus merchants can apply to target more customers through interaction thus expanding businesses.

Shopify Ratings: 4.8


  • Pin creation for products automatically: Pinterest enables you to easily turn your merchandise into beautiful pins.
  • Creating rich pins: Indicate the price or availability and make your customers more curious.
  • Marketing targeted ads: This population is attracted or identifiable by these demographic attributes.
  • SEO optimization built-in: Use Pinterest’s own SEO techniques to increase organic reach.

8. Etsy – Marketplace for Handmade and Vintage Goods:

Etsy is a well-known place for people to buy and sell handmade and vintage items, where they can quickly expand their product range and advertise to a wider market through the link with Shopify Plus. It becomes easy for sellers to integrate their products with those on other platforms using the Shopify Plus app for Etsy, making operations faster and more efficient.

When it comes to Etsy, the platform can connect with multiple artists hence making them have more variety of original products which they can add to what they are already selling hence attracting new customers. Shopify Plus sellers may use the Etsy app because it is easy to use and functional in a highly competitive business environment where online businesses are mushrooming.

Shopify Ratings: 4.4


  • Handmade and Vintage Goods: Etsy is the ultimate online destination for vintage, as well as handmade items. It offers a variety of products from all over the world, which are not only scarce but also one-of-a-kind and made by various artists.
  • Customizable Products: Available options are customization. Etsy vendors may be contacted to make personalized orders for their customers hence providing them with customized shopping experiences.
  • Sellers’ Support: Etsy provides sellers with help from each other. The success of these sellers on this platform is encouraged through forums, resources and networks provided by Etsy.
  • Ratings plus Rankings: This will assist in transparency concerning how sellers have been rated by buyers thus making informed buying decisions.
  • Secure Payment Options: Transactions on Etsy run through payment modes like PayPal or use credit cards which ensure that buyers and sellers are safe.

9. Appstle – Custom Mobile App Builder:

Appstle is a mobile app builder that comprehensively assists Shopify Plus vendors to create fully customized native apps on iOS and Android devices. By using Appstle, merchants can have their mobile applications designed and named after their brands to enable them to achieve smoother shopping experiences through smartphones and tablets.

The user-friendly platform makes it easy for sellers to personalize any part of their application, such as layout, design, features, and functionality. Using Appstle enables Shopify Plus vendors to develop stronger relations with their clients, increase loyalty towards the brand through repeat purchasing behavior, and harness the power of mobile commerce.

Shopify Ratings: 4.8


  • Exit-intent popups: Lure leaving site guests with customized offers and giveaways.
  • Loyalty program and rewards: Create a tiered program tiered program, give points for shopping made, and offer exclusive rewards.
  • Wishlist & email capture: Let clients save their products for future purchases and gain significant email addresses.
  • Product reviews & social proof: Inspire trust and boost sales by having customer reviews and integrating sharing on social media platforms.
  • Inventory & stock alerts: Keep track of stock levels efficiently while alerting customers about items running low.

10. Plug In SEO – SEO Optimization Tools:

If you are a Shopify Plus business owner and want to get better visibility for your store, then you need the Plug-In SEO app. This software lets merchants detect the most common SEO troubles affecting their store positioning on search engines. According to the developer, it has various useful characteristics, such as automated SEO checkups, keyword optimization, meta tag management, etc., that will enable sellers to boost the general site’s SEO performance, hence increasing organic traffic directed toward their website.

By dealing with these aspects of SEO and following its rules strictly, one can increase the ranking of their stores within search engine results and attract more prospects who are more likely to make purchases from them, boosting sales volumes. Plug In SEO enables Shopify Plus merchants to unlock their full e-commerce potential by achieving long-term success in a competitive online marketplace.

Shopify Ratings: 4.8


  • Keyword Research & Optimization: Locate valuable keywords and improve your content to increase its ranking on the search engine.
  • Technical SEO Audit & Fixes: Correct any technical errors affecting your search engine visibility.
  • Automated Sitemap Generation & Submission: Enable easy crawling and indexing of your store by search engines.
  • Broken Link Checker & Redirection: Keep a healthy website and avoid having crawl errors.
  • Detailed SEO Reports & Progress Tracking: Stay updated and determine how effective your SEO work is.

It is always challenging to manage a busy online store. In addition, it is very easy to run your marketing or operations without any problem via the help of the many features that Shopify Plus offers; however, having the right Shopify apps can increase efficiency and make it more effective.

For instance, at CartCoders, we have made our app to instantly enable Shopify Plus stores with huge catalogues to turn their e-commerce website into mobile applications.
Additionally, with extra features for running marketing campaigns and keeping users engaged, plus robust integrations with top Shopify plus apps, CartCoders is commonly selected by global brands. Enquire now from CartCoders!

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