Do you want to embed videos in your Shopify store? Videos bring life to your website, and they are a great way to increase user engagement.

It helps to reduce eCommerce returns and boost sales and enhance SEO rankings.

In this beginner’s guide, I will show you how to easily Add Video to Your Shopify Homepage, Product Pages or anyother page.

Traditional shopping has become online at lightning speed in the last few years. More and more shoppers spend their money digitally instead of the real thing.

It is a fact that the online shopping experience can not be as satisfying as traditional purchasing. Traditional shopping allows you:

  • To experience the material closely
  • Try and touch the object
  • The consumer can inspect the color and weight
  • You can try different sizes and colors practically

However, the following are some of the ways to provide a traditional-like online shopping experience:

  • Use high-quality photos
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Uploading fantastic videos on websites or store

When it comes to online selling or online business, your product presentation can be a game changer. High-quality photos with detailed product descriptions can enhance your product presentation. It can help you to grab customer attention.

On the other hand, embed video in Shopify can draw consumers to an online store with a magnificent experience. Beautiful music, storytelling, striking visuals, and induced emotions in the video give users the ultimate shopping confidence.

It helps your online Shopify store to build brand affinity and market presence. Online stores like Gymshark, Allbirds, ColourPop, and Kith are examples of top-performing Shopify stores.

Photo marketing or video marketing can make or break it your online store stand out. Let’s understand how?

How is It Beneficial to Embed Video in Shopify?

According to RetailDive reports, around 62% of people prefer brick-and-mortar shopping over online shopping. But in recent years, trends have moved to online shopping due to video marketing.

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People are accepting video content more than anything else. Video marketing has helped Shopify stores to provide a more engaging and flawless experience for users.

Organizations have now increased their budget to add videos to Shopify homepage or add video to Shopify product page.

The following are the significant benefits of embedding video in Shopify:

  • Better customer engagement:- Adding video in Shopify store can help to create better customer engagement through beautiful music, storytelling, and striking visuals.
  • Increase conversion rates:- It can help customers to understand the product better by explaining the benefits of the product. It can incredibly boost conversion rates.
  • Reduce eCommerce returns:- 23% of product returns are due to inappropriate product descriptions. Striking visuals, storytelling, and detailed explanation of the product in the video became a bridge to the gap between consumers’ expectations and the actual product. It helped a seller to prevent future eCommerce returns.
  • Get an SEO boost:- Consumers will spend more time on the page containing video content. Your loyal customer may share videos with family, friends, and relatives. It can bump into ranking resulting in a significant SEO boost.
  • Strong market presence:- If you want to grab customer attention to your Shopify store, differentiation is all. In a crowded marketplace, video content will help to showcase the product’s unique features. It will give you a competitive advantage to stand out in this crowded market.

How to Embed Video in The Shopify Store?

Nowadays, all customers expect product videos in the gallery while shopping online. It gives all details about the product.

Undoubtedly, the product gallery is the perfect place to upload videos. But Shopify allows more possibilities to place the video like a landing page, special offer page, home page, etc.

If you have spent valuable resources to create an amazing product video, you must showcase it on every possible page of the Shopify store. The more eyes you get on product videos, the more chances of converting customers.

Three Easy Steps to Add YouTube Video on Shopify

Step: 1 Copy the YouTube video URL

First of all, find out the video you want to add and copy its URL. Make sure the video is fully mobile responsive.

YouTube Video Preview

The next step will help you to learn how to make product videos mobile responsive.

Step: 2 Make your product video mobile responsive

YouTube itself generates an embed code, but it is not that effective for all devices.

To ensure your product video responds well on different devices, go to Embed Responsively.

Choose the platform, paste the link you copied from YouTube, and click Embed.

Embed Responsive Code

As you click Embed, a video thumbnail will appear with an embed code below it.

Copy Youtube Code

Just select the embed code and copy it. Now moving to the final step.

Step: 3 Log into your Shopify Store and find your page

Log into your Shopify website or store. Find Online Store -> Pages.

Shopify Video - Add to Home Page

Now search for a page where you want to add the product video and click on it.

Shopify Select Page for Video Embed

When you select the page, you will see various formatting icons. Now click on the icon looking like the camera.

Click on the video icon

Step: 4 Final step “Insert video”

Now paste the embed code in the modal window and click the “Insert Video” button.

Add source code to show video

That’s it! You’ve successfully added a video to your Shopify store! Now click Save to make it official.

Preview - How video will show

Process to Add Video to Shopify Homepage

The process for adding video on the Shopify home page is quite different. You can customize the homepage by theme editor.

For that, navigate to Online Store -> Themes and click the customization button on the existing theme.

Add video to the shopify store home

Now, on the left corner go to the “Add Section” and after that select “Video”.

Add video section

Click the 6 dot icon and hold to drag the product video to the location you want on the page.

Select youtube URL to show video

Now click Save to make it official, and your product video will show on the homepage.

Ways to Add a Video to Your Different Shopify Product Pages

Steps to add video in product gallery

Navigate “Products

Go to the media section

Click on Add from URL

Paste the original video URL (Embed code not needed)

Now, you can drag the product video to place wherever in the product gallery. Always save the changes before leaving.

Steps to Add Video in Product Gallery

There are two ways to insert product video to the product description.
One is using rich text editor which is as mentioned above.


Navigate “Products

Click on <> icon to Show HTML

Add video to product gallery

After the product description insert

<!– split –>

with your product video embed code

Add embed code to video gallery

Again save changes to showcase your product video in the product description.

Wrapping Up

As a Shopify store owner, it is a must to look for the most effective solution for customer engagement. Adding video content in Shopify store can help boost customer engagement and customer conversion ratio. It helps to reduce eCommerce returns and boost sales and enhance SEO rankings. You can add videos or high-quality photos by following the simple steps mentioned in this blog. Contact CartCoders to hire certified Shopify developer and customize your Shopify store effortlessly.