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ADA Compliance

Website Accessibility & The Law - Does your website has ADA compliance?

Make your Shopify Store with ADA compliance so, even disabled people can easily be the guest of your Shopify store!

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At Cart Coders, We Are Mainly Focussing on below Accessibility Aspects

The term ADA Compliance Shopify Store has become an integral part of audits these days, and a shopify website with poor ada performance not only deprives you of the specially-abled customer base but also makes your web store vulnerable to many legal actions based on the kind of business your Shopify store does.

The americans with disabilities act (ADA) was originally designed for the disabled (we at cart coders usually call them - ‘specially-abled’) population to protect them against discrimination of accessibility in public places, at their employer locations and other it and telecommunication accommodations.

It industry has got a huge boost in the past decade, and the E-Commerce industry is no stranger to this exponential rise - and daily sees billions of page visits across the globe. What makes it special is its ability to bring many of the ‘specially-abled’ people online. That’s the reason government agencies have also started showing a keen interest in the implementation of ADA, and in making sure that the websites are following the best practices for ADA compliance.

ADA Compliance
  • Auditing Your Shopify Store ADA Compliance Quotient Against Google’s ADA Lighthouse Extension.

  • Reviewing the Shopify Page Contents Against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

  • Caching certain page elements, in case of multiple request-response scenarios between client and server greatly helps in decreasing the page load time. Larger the number of elements preloaded in the browser cache, faster your shopify pages will load.

  • Analyzing the Shopify Store’s Overall Code Structure and the CSS Usage to Identify Any Code and Configuration Level Glitches, like a Missing ‘manifest’ File under the Application Server’s Directory Structure.

  • Fixing and Applying Best Practices for Managing Image Resolutions Across Devices with a Special Focus upon the ‘viewport’ Meta Tag and the Implementation of Compatible Viewport Dimensions Across Screens.

  • Promoting the Usage of ‘alt’ Tags for Images Wherever Applicable.

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