Dropshipping is the perfect way to start your business with no overhead costs. Find out what is drop-shipping & its benefits to skyrocket your sales with scale.

What is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping Website?
What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a proven business strategy for retailers who don’t need to keep inventories in stock; instead, the seller purchases inventory as needed from a third party, usually a wholesaler or manufacturer, and ships it directly to the customers.

The main difference between dropshipping and the retail model is that the seller doesn’t own any kind-of inventory, which will directly eliminate product handling and inventory management.

Here, the seller sends the product number, delivery address, and order date to fulfill the order on its behalf.

Process Flow for Dropshipping

Process Flow for Dropshipping Website
Process Flow for Dropshipping Website

Find out the four easy steps to understand how the dropshipping process works:

  • Your client places an order from your online store
  • Your store automatically processes the order and sends the order to your dropshipping supplier
  • Your dropshipping supplier receives the details and prepares the customer’s order
  • Your dropshipping supplier ships the orders directly to the customer

What Are The Benefits of Dropshipping?

Starting Dropshipping business model can be the solution for the owner to dispatch product orders from your e-commerce store without the hassle of inventory management and choosing multiple demanded products in the market.

Benefits of Dropshipping
Benefits of Dropshipping

Dropshipping businesses can boost your sale with scale. Here are some significant benefits of the best dropshipping companies.

  1. Lower investment is required for a startup
  2. Flexible location
  3. Highly Scalable
  4. Diversity
  5. Time-saving
  6. Very easy to get started

Lower Investment is Required For a Startup

If you are going with the dropshipping business, you don’t need to worry about:

  • Paying or managing a warehouse
  • Invest capital for acquiring inventory
  • Hiring staff for inventory management or fulfilling orders

Each of the above-mentioned things will save you money and reduce the investment cost for your dropshipping business startup.

Flexible Location

You can monitor your business from anywhere, from a tent in Squamish to your dining table.

Only an internet connection will help you to nurture a relationship with your supplier & customer and open the road to freedom.

Dropshipping brings lots of flexibility to different factors of retail businesses.

Highly Scalable

Dropshipping Sellers can offer a wide range of trending products without having any physical stock. Small businesses can not provide this range of products without having any storage.

That’s why dropshipping sellers can grow & scale quickly as order fulfillment is not dependent on the size of physical stock or the number of employees.

Dropshipping will be beneficial for the seller who experienced sales fluctuation due to seasonal reasons.


With the help of dropshipping stores, a seller can sell as many products as you want without paying any additional cost. All you need to do is, list the product on your site that you can sell. You will have better product opportunities with dropshipping.


The dropshipping store can eliminate the below-mentioned activities to reduce overall time consumption.

  • Packaging of shipment
  • Dispatching customer order
  • Inventory tracking for accounting
  • Stock-level management
  • Handling customer quires regarding shipment

Very Easy to Get Started

Running a dropshipping business is much easier when sellers don’t need to deal with the on-hand stock or physical inventory. By finding niche audiences and trending products, you can start dropshipping business easily


Creating a dropshipping store can eliminate stock management, on-hand stock, packaging & dispatching orders, handling customer queries, and hiring staff. Such things are helpful to save time and reduce capital investment coast for the startup.

You are just one call away to have your e-commerce site for dropshipping. Contact CartCoders to build an e-commerce site for a dropshipping business.

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