Shopify is gaining popularity with each passing year and there are several merchants are showing interest in the Shopify Theme Store to find the perfect look for their online shop.

The good part is several of them find what they are looking for and some will want a custom theme and like to migrate from the existing platform. I must say that it presents a unique opportunity to add Shopify to the list of services you as a freelance web designer or developer offers.

Setup Your First Shopify Theme
Setup Your First Shopify Theme

If you are new then getting started with your first Shopify theme or Shopify store setup can be quite difficult, because finding the time to get familiar with a new platform is never easy. Today in this blog we will brief about the tips for the beginner looking to set up their first Shopify theme.

Spend time learning Liquid

Whether you are building a theme from scratch or customizing a merchant’s existing theme or taking the help with Shopify Service Provider. It will be better if you get familiar using Shopify open-source template language, Liquid. I assure you that it’s easier to work with than you imagine.

First, let’s know about what is Liquid?

The liquid is a highly readable & expressive Ruby-based language that manages all the Shopify themes. It’s a Shopify Template Theme Language. The liquid acts as a mediator between Shopify store content and the HTML content rendered in a user’s browser. Technically, liquid uses placeholder constructs for accessing the store data such as product titles, product prices.

Learn with the Shopify Partner Academy

For understanding Shopify & its ecosystem then Shopify partner Academy is the right place to do it. For using the front-end development tools and frameworks you need to learn the core features and functionality of Shopify.

Shopify Partner Academy has several self-study fundamental courses that help you shorten your path to success as a Shopify Partner. For gaining access to these courses, you must sign up for a Shopify partner account.

Leverage the Slate theme toolkit

Slate is a Shopify theme that is developed for modern tooling and better developer experience. You can use slate as a toolkit to help developers produce high-quality themes & be more productive.

While you start building with slate, a new project is a scaffold with Slate’s Starter Theme. It strives to include Up to date best practices & solutions that you have required for the majority of the themes we build internally at Shopify. The starter contains all the files the Shopify Themes team considers to be important for building a Shopify theme like snippets, templates, standard liquid tags, & logic.

Now here you might have to remove markup, classes, or the other code. Here you will get a less CSS theme and that is intentional because the starter Theme is not a framework, but will be a starting point of your project.

Get creative with your design

Get Creative With Your Shopify Store Design
Get Creative With Your Shopify Store Design

It’s not a technical requirement but I would advise you to consider when building a Shopify Theme. If you already have an existing theme then try to make it look as perfect as possible because your innovative theme design could fill a need that isn’t being met for niche industry merchants. Always try to keep your theme different and unique from your existing themes in terms of look, feels, & functions.


These tips & resources will help you for building the attractive Shopify Themes for your Shopify store with the help of Shopify Store Setup Experts. Get creative & start building with Cartcoders, where the Shopify store expert can customize Shopify Theme as per your preference.

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