Looking to add some Shopify live chat app for your eCommerce store? Then read on, as we’re taking a look at some of the Best Shopify Live Chat Apps available…

You can provide outstanding customer service by using live chat app on your Shopify website to resolve customer issues immediately. You can answer customer questions in real time, remove buyer friction and offer a human presence until customers are ready to place an order. Live chat can also drive more conversions.

Top 20 Shopify Live Chat Apps

If you want to know how to add Shopify Live Chat App to a Shopify store, read on. Today, I will be introducing you to 10 most popular live chat apps for Shopify website. Enjoy!

1. Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat

Happier customers. Easier workflows. Faster revenue growth.

Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat - Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
Gorgias ‑ Helpdesk & Live Chat – Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Meet Gorgias. The customer support platform designed for ecommerce — and built to unify your entire stack.

With acquisition costs at an all-time high, the smart way to grow your revenue is to build a brand that keeps customers around longer. A strong customer experience is the heart of that retention effort, but it requires one flexible platform for your customer service.

Your customers want you to be everywhere they are – that includes email, live chat, phone, SMS texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

To meet and serve customers effectively across all those channels, you need to stop tab-shuffling, stop copy-pasting, and start unifying those conversations in one central feed.


  • Quickly handle objections and hesitations
  • Automatically tag tickets with purchase
  • Integrate Klaviyo to segment marketing campaigns
  • Get your customers the help they need
  • Set up your best responses as templated Macros
  • Integrate your favorite apps to create one customer command center

=> Rating:- 4.5/5 by 529 Users
=> Download:- Gorgias
=> Price:- Start From $10/Month

2. Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots

Live Chat boosted with Chatbots, Messenger, and Instagram

Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots - Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site
Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots – Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site

Tidio is a popular customer service platform for Shopify, making merchants all around the globe more efficient.
Tidio is an all-in-one Customer Service Platform that combines Live Chat, chatbots, email, Messenger, and Instagram to instantly communicate with your customers. It enables you to answer their questions, solve their problems in real-time and engage with them in crucial moments. In return, it helps you increase customer satisfaction and consequently-sales.

Get in touch with your online customers to provide real-time support or assist them to ensure the best experience and generate more sales. Tidio Live Chat is easy to install, looks great in your store, and is 100% mobile-friendly.


  • Take care of your customers 24/7 with AI and chatbots.
  • Use proven e-commerce tactics to increase your sales.
  • A modern widget design that suits any website.
  • The option to support multiple languages
  • Rich widget customization options
  • Support for 20+ integrations
  • iOS/Android mobile app

=> Rating:- 4.8/5 by 1526 Users
=> Download:- Tidio ‑ Live Chat & Chatbots
=> Price:- Free & Start From $19/Month

3. BestChat Live Chat Chatbot

Livechat+Facebook+WhatsApp Instagram+Chatbot+Convert+Marketing

BestChat Live Chat Chatbot - Shopify Live Chat App
BestChat Live Chat Chatbot – Shopify Live Chat App

Help customers find answers in real-time. Enable customers to engage with you from any device, and through any channel like social media messaging, APPs and SMS, etc.

Help to stop feeling frustrated of your users – Measure the speed of your agents’ response and chat quality. Improve overall service by reducing customer waiting time. Find the right agent for different situations.

Flexibility & Customization – Fit any website, integrated with customer’s system and third party, launch through various devices. Simply display your brand Identity by applying your logo and customizing the live chat box.


  • Help to stop feeling frustrated of your users
  • Flexibility & Customization
  • Fit on any website
  • Powerful and secure system
  • First year of using BestChat is free for you
  • 24/7 customer support

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 25 Users
=> Download:- BestChat Live Chat Chatbot
=> Price:- Free

4. Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver

Chatra: Live Chat, Facebook, Email, Visitor list + Cart Saver

Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver - best shopify live chat app
Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver – best shopify live chat app

Chatra Live Chat allows you to sell more, answering questions, and alleviating concerns to help visitors place an order. Use it to collect actionable feedback to improve your store: identify problems, collect contact info, and understand your customers better.

Chatra allows you to see shopper’s cart contents in real-time to identify the most valuable customers and provide tailored assistance.

We save past conversations for both you and your customers, so once they return the conversation continues in the same thread, as in a messenger app.


  • Live typing insights
  • Group chats
  • Visitor information
  • Conversation history
  • Intelligent contact form bot

=> Rating:- 4.8/5 by 635 Users
=> Download:- Live Chat, ChatBot, Cart Saver
=> Price:- Free & Start from $21/month

5. Channel.io ‑ Live Chat&Chatbot

All-In-One Business OS: Live Chat, Chatbot & CRM Marketing

Channel.io ‑ Live Chat&Chatbot - Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
Channel.io ‑ Live Chat&Chatbot – Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Channel.io is an All-In-One Business Messenger that brings together 3 features. No-code Required.

Channel.io provides Instagram Feed & DM integration, with LINE, Kakao Talk, and Naver TalkTalk. Customers can continue interaction with other message platforms. With Channel.io’s integration tools, you can connect with powerful message platforms. There is no capacity limit, and files sent and received can be easily found by searching. Add chat groups to manage chat history by topic.

If you have already signed up for Channel.io, you can log in immediately without further registration process.


  • Give the Best Purchase Experience to Your Customers
  • Integrate with Various Message Platforms
  • Manage Customer Data
  • Free Workspace for Your Team

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 35 Users
=> Download:- Channel.io ‑ Live Chat&Chatbot
=> Price:- Free & Start from $36

6. WhatsApp Chat ‑ Live Chat

WhatsApp Chat, Live Chat, Customer Support, Help Center

WhatsApp Chat ‑ Live Chat - Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site
WhatsApp Chat ‑ Live Chat – Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site

With the help of WhatSocial, you can now connect directly with customers on your store. Chat with them directly, provide support/coupons which can increase your business manifold. Provide personalised customer support to your Shopify store visitors using WhatsApp Live Chat. Increase referral purchases by adding a beautiful share button to your products.

Your life as a store owner is already busy & difficult. That’s why our app comes pre-configured with CTA button, message templates and everything else. All you need to do is enter your phone number and hit ENABLE!


  • Display one Mobile or Desktop or both
  • WhatsApp Message
  • WhatsApp Number
  • Button Size
  • Button Icon
  • Button Color
  • Button Position

=> Rating:- 3.9/5 by 13 Users
=> Download:- WhatsApp Chat ‑ Live Chat
=> Price:- Free & Start from $2.95/month

7. Flowio: Email Marketing,Pop up

SMS-Email Marketing, Pop up, Live chat. Klaviyo, Mailchimp alt

Flowio- Email Marketing,Pop up - Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
Flowio- Email Marketing,Pop up – Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Flowio is an all-in-one solution that helps you increase sales through omnichannel while cutting down the workload. Find all your needed marketing tools such as Pop-up, Email, SMS, Live Chat, and combine them automatically to bring out a seamless customer experience. Let’s see how Flowio can help merchants increase sales by 30%:

Ensure your newsletters look amazing on any device with our optimized drag and drop editor and wide range of FREE templates. Create an effortless & on-the-go interaction with customers by allowing them to respond directly to your email.

Moreover, with Flowio’s robust segmentation, you can boost your conversions with well-targeted, personalized messages across email and SMS channels.


  • Collect more quality leads using Pop-ups
  • Send hyper-targeted Emails & SMS that motivate shoppers
  • Convert online visitors to happy buyers with Live chat
  • Nail the right mix of Email, SMS & Live chat Automation
  • Easy to migrate

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 452 Users
=> Download:- Flowio: Email Marketing,Pop up
=> Price:- Free & Start from $9/month

8. LiveChat, Messenger, WhatsApp

All messaging apps in one widget- 40% more sales

LiveChat, Messenger, WhatsApp - best shopify live chat app
LiveChat, Messenger, WhatsApp – best shopify live chat app

Are you looking for a Live Chat solution that helps you to connect with your customers in real-time? Don’t worry; we are here to help! Conzia provides the Shopify live chat app to manage all your customer conversations via Live Chat, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. We have seen that stores that use these communication tools drive 40% more sales.

Integrate the Conzia Live Chat software into your store’s landing page as the business communication channel. When a customer wants to send you a message, they will drop the query into the widget window and send it. On the other side, your professional customer support team will get that query on the web chat app and answer that within seconds. We also give the option of branded live chat to put your store logo in the live chat to give customers a premium feel. Another interesting feature is sending attachments, transcripts, and conversation history to your visitors for better follow-ups.


  • Free version for unlimited time.
  • iOS & Android apps: never miss a chat.
  • See what your visitors are typing.
  • Send sound notifications for every message.
  • Get access to customers’ contact numbers and email addresses.
  • Manage all your conversations from one app.

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 98 Users
=> Download:- LiveChat, Messenger, WhatsApp
=> Price:- Free & $4.99/month

9. JivoChat Live Chat

Instagram, Live Chat, Facebook, Email, WhatsApp and Chatbots

JivoChat Live Chat - Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
JivoChat Live Chat – Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Most visitors leave your website without buying, contacting your managers or leaving their email. 70% of them will never come back. And it’s likely you’ve spent money, time and effort to bring them to your website.

Jivo is an omnichannel business messenger that is tailored for e-commerce websites. JivoChat starts a conversation with every visitor on your website by showing a chat widget with a question relevant to your business with prechat buttons. Tell about your current discounts or offer some help.


  • Fair pricing
  • Built-in CRM
  • Easy to install
  • Instant callbacks for visitors
  • Contact clients through 11 different channels
  • Quick Phrases
  • Visitor Monitoring & Smart Triggers
  • Multi-agent chats
  • Typing Insight
  • Multiplatform: Desktop, Mobile or Web version

=> Rating:- 4.4/5 by 105 Users
=> Download:- JivoChat Live Chat
=> Price:- Free & Start from $29/month

10. Maisie Chatbots + LiveChat 2.0

Make your store more human through conversations.

Maisie Chatbots + LiveChat 2.0 - Shopify Live Chat App
Maisie Chatbots + LiveChat 2.0 – Shopify Live Chat App

Maisie is a conversational customer experience platform for growing Shopify stores.

Maisie provides your customers with a 24/7 virtual shopping asistant that helps them to find the right products to buy and get instant answers to their queries.

Around 97% of people leave your site without making a purchase. Start engaging them at every step of their journey in a natural way with conversations. Maisie does it on autopilot.


  • Provide instant, real-time 24/7 customer service
  • Stop abandoning visitors in their tracks with exit intent conversations
  • Grow your subscriber list for remarketing off-site
  • Re-engage with customers via email and Messenger
  • Delight your customers and win their long-term loyalty

=> Rating:- 4.8/5 by 13 Users
=> Download:- Maisie Chatbots + LiveChat 2.0
=> Price:- Start from $15/month

11. Smartsupp Live Chat & Chatbots

Drive your online sales through conversational ecommerce

Smartsupp Live Chat & Chatbots - Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site
Smartsupp Live Chat & Chatbots – Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site

Smartsupp is your personal online shopping assistant. It combines live chat, chatbots and video recordings to help save you valuable time and resources. Our mission is to help businesses turn website visitors into loyal customers through conversation. Smartsupp Live chat is one of the most popular live chat and chatbot apps in Europe with over 50,000 active European webshops and websites.

Smartsupp offers a one-and-only combination of live chat, chatbots, and video recordings. Automate repetitive questions, deliver personalized care to your visitors where it counts, and get a step-by-step view of your visitors’ buying habits and even see where and why you may have missed purchase opportunities in order to boost your sales.

Smartsupp offers: * Live chat, emails, and Facebook as well as Google Analytics integration, all in one dashboard–start a one-on-one conversation with your customers and have all of your communications in one place. By instantly tending to your visitors, you’ll turn them into satisfied customers and increase your sales.


  • One-and-only combination of live chat, chatbots, and video recordings
  • Access real-time visitor list enriched with e-commerce data
  • GDPR compliant

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 2 Users
=> Download:- Smartsupp Live Chat & Chatbots
=> Price:- Free & Start from $25.50/month

12. Chative ‑ Live chat & Chatbot

A premium live chat experience for your customers and agents.

Chative ‑ Live chat & Chatbot - Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
Chative ‑ Live chat & Chatbot – Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Chative is a messaging platform that allows businesses to interact with customers across multiple websites and social media outlets while seamlessly gathering all conversations in one place.

By answering their questions, solving their problems, and providing personal support instantly. It will help you increase your customer satisfaction and increase sales. With Chative report about chat volume, response time, what they usually talk about, team performance,…You can easily understand your customer’s needs and behavior and use those metrics to improve their experiences.

Chative aims to help your business optimize your support workflow and increase customer experience at the same time in one single live chat platform. Instead of spending all day supporting customers, your staff can now automate common questions, repeated processes, so that you can focus more on building customer relationships and resolving custom requests.


  • Install live chat to your Shopify site with the click of a button
  • Convert visitors to paid customers faster with the live chat
  • Measure your business performance to improve your customer service
  • Automate your support and sale process with the help of chatbot agents

=> Rating:- NA
=> Download:- Chative ‑ Live chat & Chatbot
=> Price:- Free

13. Live Chat for Teams

Microsoft Teams and Slack for website live chat and chatbots

Live Chat for Teams - best shopify live chat app
Live Chat for Teams – best shopify live chat app

Communication with your customers shouldn’t be hard, that’s why we created Live Chat for Teams, Slack and Webex. Live Chat with your website visitors from the team collaboration tools you already know and love: MS Teams, Slack, and Webex.

We removed the frustrating per operator costs to make sure that your entire team can use live chat without having to worry about growing costs as your team grows.

Join over 75,000 happy business owners who are using Social Intents to talk to customers, build sales and improve customer service.


  • 1 App and up to 20 Chats/month
  • Customize all messages
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Configurable Pre-Sales form
  • Multi-Language support
  • Custom logos and branding
  • Chat History, Missed Chats, and Offline Messages
  • Leverage your entire team to answer live chats
  • Awesome support

=> Rating:- 4.7/5 by 4 Users
=> Download:- Live Chat for Teams
=> Price:- Free & $39/month

14. Richpanel Customer Service CRM

Automation, Ticket Helpdesk, Live Chat, Zendesk/Gorgias Alt

Richpanel Customer Service CRM
Richpanel Customer Service CRM

Deliver exceptional omnichannel customer support and lead with your customer experience. Richpanel’s live chat and customer service helpdesk makes caring for your customers easy and profitable.

Service matters more every day. Brands with superior customer experience bring in 5.7 times more revenue than competitors. Richpanel’s advanced helpdesk delivers seamless, personalized performance, helping your customers find their answers quickly with self service and helping your support agents work efficiently and effectively – delivering the level of service the modern ecommerce consumer demands.


  • Omnichannel Customer Support
  • Automated Support Scenarios
  • Self Service Customer Widget
  • Do more than just manage tickets.
  • Customer Service Driven Revenue
  • Meet evolving customer service expectations.
  • Powerfully Engaging Live Chat

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 92 Users
=> Download:- Richpanel Customer Service CRM
=> Price:- Free & $300/month

15. Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM

From $29/month. 14-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM - Shopify Live Chat App
Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM – Shopify Live Chat App

Customer Service Helpdesk, CRM, Live Chat Support, Chatbot, and FAQ Platform for SMB & Enterprise eCommerce Brands on Shopify & Shopify Plus.
Re:amaze is a helpdesk, live chat, ticketing, chatbot and FAQ help center platform for eCommerce. Unify email, Facebook Pages, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram Direct Message, SMS, VOIP, WhatsApp, push notifications, and live chat ticket conversations in a shared inbox. Provide customer support that result in sales growth.

Re:amaze integrates with Shopify so you can access order data instantly. Edit/create orders, process refunds, cancellations, update customer/order data within support conversations.


  • Send products to customers in chat
  • Create dynamic reply templates w/ Shopify macros
  • Measure your customer service team’s revenue and sales impact
  • Build your own multi-step chatbots to help, guide, sell to customers
  • Boost Sales
  • Send up to 2000 free browser and mobile Push Notifications each month

=> Rating:- 4.7/5 by 211 Users
=> Download:- Reamaze Live Chat Helpdesk CRM
=> Price:- Start from $29/month

16. PingMe Facebook Messenger Chat

Live chat with shoppers on Facebook Messenger, Instagram & more

PingMe Facebook Messenger Chat - Shopify Live Chat App
PingMe Facebook Messenger Chat – Shopify Live Chat App

71% of customers spend on chat apps every day, every hour. 20 billion texts are sent in Facebook Messenger daily.*

Why don’t you do business with your customers in their favorite app?

With PingMe, your customers can “ping” you right at where they are: Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram.

Set up time to popup chat box with warm welcome message or discount code. Target chat icon to appear on specific pages, such as high-intent products. Or you can hide chat icon on Mobile Check out Page for better experience. Effortless retargeting campaign with all-in-one chat storage.


  • Beautiful and modern chat widget for all websites
  • Live chat provides a better customer support experience and increase sales
  • Support multiple languages in chat widget
  • Suitable for all-sized businesses
  • 24/7 live support

=> Rating:- 4.9/5 by 418 Users
=> Download:- PingMe Facebook Messenger Chat
=> Price:- Free & Start from $4.99/month

17. LimeChat: AI powered Helpdesk

From $29/month. 30-day free trial. Additional charges may apply.

LimeChat - AI powered Helpdesk - Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
LimeChat – AI powered Helpdesk – Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify

Limechat is a Helpdesk designed only for Ecommerce stores that allows your customer support team to manage all of your channels from a single dashboard. 150+ shopify stores use LimeChat to automate 70% queries resulting in reduced FRT and resolution time as compared to Gorgias, Reamaze and other similar Helpdesk tools.

Keep track of incoming customer support requests from live chat, SMS, email, WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram on one dashboard. Follow through past conversations with ease for contextual and timely customer support.

From ticket resolutions, conversions to agent performance, we bring all the numbers to one dashboard to help you make better business decisions. Track response times, resolution times, and revenue generated by customer service teams.


  • Manage customer queries in one inbox
  • Automate customer support and reduce live agent costs
  • In-depth reporting and analytics
  • Send surveys & measure CSAT
  • Set up and use in minutes
  • Fast and Dedicated Support

=> Rating:- 5/5 by 7 Users
=> Download:- LimeChat: AI powered Helpdesk
=> Price:- Start from $29/month

18. MyAlice ‑ Helpdesk & Chatbot

Multi-channel Helpdesk, Live Chat, Agent Management & Chatbot

MyAlice ‑ Helpdesk & Chatbot - Shopify Live Chat App
MyAlice ‑ Helpdesk & Chatbot – Shopify Live Chat App

MyAlice is an omnichannel customer service helpdesk for Shopify & Shopify Plus stores. Allow the support team to start conversations with customers and sell over online store chat and social media channels. Access Shopify customers’ data and see orders instantly. Edit orders, returns, refunds, cancellations without leaving your helpdesk.

The conversation stays connected, no matter how your customers choose to interact (over live chat or social messaging). MyAlice connects with popular messaging platforms so you can manage your customer and team conversations from the convenience of a single dashboard.

If you’re ready to take your Shopify store to the next level and willing to open conversation with your customers, MyAlice is for you. Grow your business, build strong customer relationships, and spend less time on support, all from a single dashboard.


  • Up to 3 Team Members
  • More than a Live Chat platform
  • Unlimited Customers
  • Customers contact you from your Facebook Page
  • Unlimited Channels
  • Customize online store chat, saved responses
  • 100 Chatbot Sessions

=> Rating:- 4.9/5 by 7 Users
=> Download:- MyAlice ‑ Helpdesk & Chatbot
=> Price:- Free & $36/month

19. WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & MORE

WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Email & Chat…

WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & MORE - Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site
WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & MORE – Add Live Chat to Your Shopify Site

WhatsApp Chat and Share is the most effortless and native way of communication for your visitors. Let people send you their questions and allow you to embed a well-used and popular messenger on your website and establish an easy communication tool for your clients. You will be able to stay in touch with your audience anytime and anywhere, answering from any device. Users will receive notifications about new messages right on the web page for uninterrupted chatting.

WhatsApp Chat and Share can be used strategically to increase sales on your website. Involve more users into chatting and convince people to buy through offering, consulting, and helping to choose between the offers. We also offer two variants of position and options to choose the device of visitors for which the chat will appear.


  • Change the interface. Get the chat you need
  • Increase sales through live consultations
  • Choose From 20 Different Channels

=> Rating:- 4.7/5 by 320 Users
=> Download:- WhatsApp Chat, Telegram & MORE
=> Price:- Free

How to choose the best Shopify Live chat App?

Only someone who knows your organization, workflow, existing systems, and future growth plans can accurately say which of the best chat apo for Shopify website is right for you. And no one has the time to try more than—at most—a few different live chat apps. So to improve your chances of choosing the best Shopify live chat apps for you, we recommend using the following as your main criteria:

  • Effectiveness of integration with Shopify and other systems
    It’s highly unlikely your Shopify live chat app will be the only component of your sales, service, and/or marketing operations. Other systems, such as CRMs, customer analytics software, and so much more, will need to exchange data with your Shopify live chat app. So before you make a decision, make sure your plugin has easy and effective integrations with your existing systems.
  • Current and future feature/cost fit
    It’s all too common to choose a Shopify live chat app that costs more because of features that you don’t need. But at the same time, your business will likely look far different in the not-too-distant future. So finding a chat app that can fit your current needs and budget as well as scale up when you need it to, is critical.
  • Agent and customer experience
    The best live chat app for Shopify is the one your agents and customers love to use. After all, the quality of both their experiences will dictate the satisfaction and value of your customers. So if possible, make sure your agents have a chance to use whichever plugin you choose before you commit to any long-term contracts. Also, take the time to test the software from the customer’s side whether through user testing or by walking through the app yourself.

Frequently asked questions About Shopify Live Chat Apps

Does Shopify have live chat?

The default store implementation of Shopify doesn’t have live chat, which is why you’ll need to intigrate a live chat app or manually add the code for a live chat Shopify liquid code.

Where to put a live chat script in Shopify page?

If you decide to manually copy a live chat script rather than use a app, you’ll need to put the live chat script into the footer of your Shopify store. To do this, you’ll need the help of a Shopify developer unless you have a app like Header and Footer Scripts, which enables non-developers to access the header and footer of their Shopify admin dashboard.

How many active agents will you have at one time with Shopify live chat?

The number of active agents you can have at one time with Shopify live chat depends on the live chat app you’re using.

How much money should you be willing to spend on a Shopify live chat app?

The amount of money you’re willing to spend on a Shopify live chat app should be a small fraction of the value the app adds for your Shopify store. More specifically, unless you’re purchasing a standalone Shopify live chat app, it should be free.

Final thoughts on Shopify Live Chat Apps

That concludes our roundup of ten of the best live chat apps for Shopify. And because most of the live chat apps featured include some form of free plan, you have no excuse not to give one a try!

Using a different solution than the ones we listed above? We always love to try new Shopify live chat apps to compare them to each other. So if you have a good one, drop it in the comments below and let us know.

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