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Aakash Modh

As Chief Operating Officer (COO), I encourage professional development among my colleagues and the leadership team, and I successfully communicate with them. I hold a key leadership role that will benefit the business in achieving its objectives, promote growth, and increase output. I provide the business with a clear strategic vision and direction. I manage the leadership team's daily activities and assist in their rapid growth. You may always think of me when it comes to innovation and inventive thinking in the field of IT. I have a variety of interests and a talent for solving issues quickly. My goal is to focus all of my efforts on assisting the Shiv Technolabs’ team in developing in the IT field. Over the past seven years, I have brought operational, managerial, and administrative procedures, reporting frameworks, and operational controls to Shiv Technolabs Private Limited. My current focus is on digital transformation because it is so in-demand. I enjoy discussing ground-breaking notions and developing novel IT ideas that advance the field of information technology.