Your Shopify store’s banner is the digital equivalent of a posh shop window. It’s usually the first thing visitors see in your store, and it can either arouse curiosity or make them leave out of boredom. A good banner creates an atmosphere for shopping that may even convince people to buy things.

But if your banner looks outdated or dull, it may discourage individuals from going further to see what you have in stock. This is why keeping it fresh and catchy is vital.

The best thing about changing your Shopify banner is its simplicity, regardless of your theme. In this concise guide, learn how to make a great banner that will enable more people to notice your shop and purchase more items than before. Make your store look great and improve sales!

Before You Begin:

  • Take your image:- You will require a fresh banner image. Ensure it’s of great quality and sized appropriately for your theme (most themes suggest that you have one around 1800×1000 pixels).
  • Look up the documentation for your theme:- This is useful when you get stuck or want to learn about more advanced personalization options.

Why do you need to change your banner?

Altering a banner in Shopify can greatly impact the effectiveness and attractiveness of your store. Here are 5 reasons why you must keep changing your banner:

  • Timed right:- It is possible to update the banner to make it correspond with seasons, holidays or any special offers. To keep pace with changing seasons, visuals and messages should be changed.
  • Same brand’s name:- Frequently updating your banner aligns it with rebranded brands or products. Bars that have a uniform branding reinforce the perception of a brand and inspire trust among consumers.
  • Concentrating on advertising:- With regard to ongoing promotions, sales, and the latest stocks, this new banner is very useful for you. If you use it to display new products, then more people will visit your website leading to higher sales volumes.
  • Prevent visual fatigue:- Regularly change your banners and repeat customers will be refreshed. New pictures will reignite their curiosity, making them want to investigate more about your store.
  • A design that is receptive:- Making your banner adaptable to different gadget screens ensures an excellent display as well as user experience on all devices. Consistently modifying your banner also means testing various layouts and formats; hence, eventually it leads to increased involvement.

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Steps to Change Banner in Shopify

To begin, you log into your Shopify Admin Account.

The Online Store and Themes on the left-hand side should be clicked, followed by the Customize button for the theme being used.

Shopify Admin Account

Find an option that looks like the Announcement bar in the Sections menu.

Announcement bar in the Sections menu

Make an announcement banner. Different settings could then be used for your Shopify banner. For example, when editing it, there are options to specify custom text, change its alignment or color scheme, and add a link to this banner.


Note: Steps and options may differ depending on theme customization choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to schedule dates for banners?

Shopify does not come with a scheduling feature to enable you schedule when the banner changes will be made. However, third-party apps like Banner Scheduler can help you plan and automate banner updates based on time or events.

What should be the size of my banner images for best display?

For an optimal display experience across devices, it is advisable to follow Shopify’s recommended banner dimensions. Typically, a banner size of 1200 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall should do. Ensure your web-optimized images are of high quality to enhance loading periods.

Can I link particular products or pages to my banner?

Yes, most Shopify themes let you add links to your banner images. While customizing the section of your banner, look for ways to drop in URLs or click on store pages/products. This feature is especially useful when directing visitors toward promotional pages, product collections, or special offers.

Would it be bad if I had to change my banner? Would the store’s performance and SEO be affected?

Your updated website banner should be good for the store’s performance and SEO with proper execution. Still, remember to upload new banners optimized for web loading speed and ensure any linked pages are relevantly related to a good user experience in addition to SEO rankings. Furthermore, search engines may view frequent banner changes as an indication that your website is still alive and, therefore, improve your site’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs).


One method is to change Shopify banners to make your store more appealing and increase sales. Change the Banners on Shopify One way you can make your store more attractive and sell more is by changing banners in Shopify. You may want to make banners for sales, new products, and seasonal stuff like that, using some of the tips we have given above so that your shop will appear more attractive and boost sales.

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