Unveil the newest and most productive discount promotion ideas that will spike your eCommerce turnover in 2024. Enhance your online business with these 15 strategies for discount codes ranging from limited-period exclusive offers to unusual promotional incentives.

Deals, coupons, offers and discounts!

When to discount, how much, and whether one should offer it every time are questions that most online retailers must answer at some point. 

One way of enhancing customer loyalty may be through offering discounts. If you play your cards right though, you can maintain your brand and keep making money.

Boost Sales: 15 Discount Code Ideas and Tips

In this post, we will talk about some ideas of discount codes that are used to promote customer loyalty as well as increase conversion rates.

Sales promotions, limited offers and price reductions however may entail various mechanisms by which many customers may be retained and converted.

This POST presents a few of the options often taken with an example for each.

1. Weekly/Monthly Discounts

Weekly Monthly Discounts

These traditional sales are mainly used to increase conversions. They are often done at the month’s or quarter’s end to boost revenues to reach a company’s target. Weekly or monthly discounts in the last fiscal quarter help clear out seasonal stocks to pave the way for new products.

Tips and best practices:

  • Utilize an inventory countdown timer app. This make your customers feel they need to purchase the item immediately because it is about to run out.
  • Sweeten the deal with BOGO and product bundling offers.
  • To create urgency, stress the offer as a “last chance“.

2. Prelaunch Offers

If you still need to start your business or if it is a startup offering new products, prelaunch offers can be applied to attract customers and increase their interest. This will help transform them into faithful clients. There are two situations in which prelaunch offers are ideal.

They allow you to create awareness for your brand before the launch of your store. They also enable you to promote new product(s). 

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Avail an email address collecting system. This helps maintain contact with customers up until your product is launched.
  • Implement a preorder app to offer early access to the first group of buyers of your brand-new product.

3. Holiday and Seasonal Deals

Holiday and Seasonal Deals

The holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year, including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Special holiday offers are timed to raise average cart totals when customers want to buy them most.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • People usually shop for others during this time. So, even if you sell products for a specific audience (e.g., children’s toys), you should still target those who make purchases (in this example, parents).
  • This type of sale favors unique and novelty items the most, given that shoppers desire their presents to be distinct.

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4. Abandoned Cart Coupon Code

Almost 70% of people abandon their carts, so the abandoned cart email offers are a great way to bring them back. The best time to send an abandoned cart email is when you offer a discount code. Also, another special deal to attract potential customers is who have never completed the purchase. 

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Personalize your abandoned cart emails with your customer’s name and the product they left in their cart.
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA) button so your customers can easily return to their cart to complete their purchase.

5. Email/Newsletter Subscription Offer

Email Newsletter Subscription Offer

Building an email list is extremely important for online retailers. You increase the chance of a conversion by providing an offer in exchange for visitors’ email addresses. You also get their email. This allows you to build a relationship, foster customer loyalty, and market to them in the future.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Tell strangers about what the newsletter contains. For instance, you might say, “Receive special offers and be in the know of our latest product launches.” 
  • Also, add share buttons to your newsletter. With this, recipients can spread information about your brand and products through their social networking sites or email.

6. Incentives to Follow or Like on Social Media

Spreading the word for a new online store is one of the hardest parts. Motivate visitors and customers to share your store with their followers; it is an affordable way to create noise.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Share behind-the-scenes content, industry insights, or early product updates exclusively with your social media followers. Offering unique information gives users a reason to follow or like your pages for an insider’s perspective.
  • Run regular contests and giveaways for your social media audience with appealing prizes. By participating, users contribute to increased engagement and extend your brand’s reach. Exciting rewards provide a clear incentive for individuals to connect with your brand on social media.

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7. Code for Referral Promotion

Code for Referral Promotion

People are much more likely to buy from you if a friend or family member referred them. Hence, use this to your advantage and make offers that encourage referrals. You can offer either to the referrer, referee, or both.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Use referral marketing software to help you create a successful referral program where buyers get discounts for sharing about your products.

8. First-time Shopper Offer

Some potential leads could be dubious about purchasing from you when unfamiliar with your brand. Making the first-timer’s offer might be the final push to turn a first-time visitor into a paying customer. 

Tips and Best Practices:

  • The customer’s order should be shipped promptly once the purchasing process has been completed. This is key to having an initial strong point for these types of discounts.

9. Minimum Purchase Discount

Minimum Purchase Discount

One upselling and cross-selling method can encourage customers to spend more. Also, it will help increase your average order size is offering on total shopping cart value. This strategy can be implemented in your online store by calculating your average order value for the last few months. And, then giving away all products at 10-20% over this figure through discount or free shipping.

You may also add minimum purchase discounts for particular collections and products. Introduce a minimum purchase discount to make a specific collection more attractive to customers.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Customers can use quantity break apps when applying discounts to orders over a certain limit. Such discounts could expire anytime. These products will have the most to gain from this kind of rebate since loyal buyers often search for replenishment.

10. Exclusive Social Offers

Exclusive offers on social networks can be a great way to build customer loyalty with those who follow you. It also gives new people a reason to start following you and subscribing to your social channels so that you can market them in the future.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Expand the reach of your campaign by enhancing your discount offerings with paid social media ads

11. Customer Loyalty Offers

Customer Loyalty Offers

Rewarding customer loyalty can help bond your company more closely to its customers while only offering discounts to clients who spend money on your products. With Shopify, you can easily generate discount codes that are restricted to certain groups of customers. 

Tips and Best Practices:

  • But the simplicity of it is that you send an email with a personalized discount or credit card for your best customers or use an automated email marketing app such as Klaviyo to send out email offers when someone hits a certain number of purchases.
  • A customer loyalty program might also be implemented using the LoyaltyLion loyalty app.

12. Exit-intent Offer

Sometimes, all one needs is a last-minute offer before leaving to convert them from visitors into buyers. When a site visitor intends to leave your website or close the tab, an exit-intent offer appears, presenting them with an opportunity they cannot afford to miss out on.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Exit-intent offers need a strong, simple message that will prompt visitors to finalize their transactions before they leave.
  • Use Optimonk, an exit intent application that helps create exit intent pop-ups on the Shopify store.

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13. Retargeted Promotions

Retargeted Pomotions

Retargeting ads are effective because they are only shown to those visiting your page. This means they already know you. The adverts call back while the offer itself induces purchase.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Retargeting discounts work best when they are associated with customers’ paths on your website. Accordingly, try grouping your audience into segments and develop retargeting programs tied to these segments.

14. Influencer Offers (Bloggers, Celebrities, etc.)

One of the most effective ways of exposing your brand is by partnering with people with many followers who are regarded as powerful entities. Moreover, making an exclusive offer within their network will more likely convert their fans into your company’s buyers.

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Develop a discount code related to the influencer’s number of followers to make it easier for them to recall and use the code.
  • Collaborate with influencers whose target market matches yours.

15. Offers for Purchasing Online

Offers for Purchasing Online

To improve online sales, consider encouraging eCommerce. Suppose you aim to expand your selling beyond Amazon or use it as an additional sales channel. In that case, offering something back to customers for purchases made on the platform can increase your eCommerce conversions. 

Tips and Best Practices:

  • Think of a pop-up bar app offering a discount even before people browse your site.
Bottom Line

You can do many more things on your eCommerce website by creating strategic promo codes. Used to revitalize abandoned carts or promote customer loyalty, such well-aimed incentives may lead to a substantial upturn in sales. Remember to be aware of your audience and offer the perfect offers for them.

Look out for these 15 discount code ideas; rate their usefulness and tweak them before next year to ensure they are effective and autonomous.

Discount codes should be attributed to creativity and data-driven insights, turning them into powerful tools for building customer experience and support in any eCommerce development company. So, free all those inborn creators of discount codes among us; it will amaze you!

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