The best Shopify booking apps were born in the modern technology period to make it more convenient for clients to utilize services while saving time and effort. They are now used by many businesses, industries, and services to serve customers more quickly and conveniently.  Want to be create an shopify booking website? Here we have prepared list of top 10 best shopify appointment booking apps in 2024.

We understand that your Shopify store provides you with a diverse range of service-based business. Having an intelligent appointment system, on the other hand, is a significant step toward boosting customer happiness and comfort. Furthermore, given my list of the best booking app for Shopify, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try them out.

You’ve only came to know about the easy appointment booking Shopify and have a lot of questions about it. Then kindly read the following blog to learn more about these apps.

Can you set up a booking system on Shopify?

Simply said, the Shopify appointment booking plugin service enables you to arrange an appointment online. Free appointment booking app for Shopify online is the preferred way in most commercial areas today. Apps for easy appointment booking Shopify are also growing more popular and convenient, with many people and groups using them. Booking online also helps firms manage the installation and retention of customer information and building discounts.

Customers can arrange service appointments online by using easy appointment booking Shopify. This service is often provided to clients who wish to use the facilities of hospitals, clinics, and beauty care centers. Shopify calendar apps and Shopify appointment booking plugin for mobile platforms have recently been developed, with iOS and Android serving as the key operating systems.

Customers who need to make an appointment for services in a physical store, such as beauty services, medical care, glasses, and so on, can use this app to schedule an appointment at a specific time and location, as well as receive clear and timely updates on news from business units’ programs and incentives.

The 10 Best Shopify Booking Apps

The goal of making a free appointment booking app for Shopify is to help people prepare as much as possible for their planned plans. The benefits of making Best Shopify Appointment Booking Apps ahead of time, on the other hand, allow people to be more proactive in managing their budgets and spending based on their needs.

1. Indie: Experiences

Indie - Experiences
Indie – Experiences

Indie is designed for seasoned creators like you—independent business entrepreneurs who want to spend more time leading and less time managing. SmartCalendar, a software that merges everything into one calendar, keeps track of both existing bookings and new requests coming in. Indie is one of the top-rated shopify scheduling app where you can customize your website for shopify appointment booking.

Key features 

  • Advanced event creation
  • Shopify scheduling app
  • Distribute events
  • Upsell Insurance
  • Manage bookings
  • Business Analytics


With Indie, you can access and edit all of your tours and instantly update them across platforms; we now have connectors with TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Indie: Experiences Price:

  • Installation is free, with a 2%-10% commission on successful Best Shopify Appointment Booking Apps depending on your payment source of choice.

2. BookThatApp Appointments

BookThatApp Appointments

BookThatApp is the most feature-rich free appointment booking app for Shopify app on the market! Thousands of retailers have used BookThatApp to book their appointments, classes, rentals, tickets, and more from a single system for the past ten years. Give your clients and employees faith in your company by utilizing BookThatApp to manage all of your free appointment booking app for Shopify needs. – Quick and easy to set up Colors can be modified to match your brand, there is an API for improved integration, and there is global, 24-hour support.

Key features:

  • Increase efficiency by automating bookings, reminders, and reports.
  • Flexible scheduling across services, personnel, and locations
  • Easiy booking app and manage shopify appointment booking
  • Integration with other calendars, Reserve with Google, and other apps is seamless.


A robust booking platform capable of handling everything from simple appointments to sophisticated leasing requirements. Highly recommended best booking app for shopify by experts.

BookThatApp Appointments Price:

  • 14-day free trial
  • From $9.95/month

3. Experiences App

Experiences App

The Experiences app offers booking retail experiences to your store and allows you to stay on-brand at your domain without relying on a third-party booking system. One of the best booking app for shopify. Use our basic booking options or complex eTicketing (in beta) to invite your clients (and their friends) to unique experiences with your brand at the center. Our Zapier integration (among others) ensures that you may connect to all of the tools, and our support will be available if you require more assistance.

Key features:

  • Beautifully integrated with calendar choices inserted
  • Customizable email and text reminders to guarantee that your scheduled customers arrive on time
  • Appointment booking app shopify
  • Use our Shopify POS check-in app or our newly released iOS check-in app (beta).


Add booking retail experiences to your business to help you stay on-brand at your domain without relying on a third-party booking system.

Experiences App Price:

  • 14-day free trial
  • Starting at $9/month. Additional costs may apply.

4. Sesami: Appointment Booking

Sesami – Appointment Booking

Sesami is award-winning software that allows you to book services, events, and seminars both online and in-person for shopify appointment booking app. Sesami is the most trusted booking solution for Shopify, with thousands of stores expanding on it. Retail shopping assistance, spas, hair salons, fashion styling, teaching, consultations, and so on are all industries. We bring commerce to service organizations and allow next-generation features like unique free appointment booking app for Shopify journeys, tailored experiences, and more with our pro tools like Sesami Flows and SDK!

Key features:

  • Using multiple calendar experiences or SDK, you may personalize booking journeys.
  • Use Sesami Flows or Klaviyo integration to send reminders or thank-you emails.
  • Best business booking app. Expand and go global! Sesami supports several languages as well as a global time zone.
  • Sesami Shopify appointment booking App designed for partners, with over 50 partners and 5 connectors.
  • Begin your 30-day trial now. Setup takes only a few minutes; request your onboarding call.


Allowing you to book services, events, and classes both online and in-store

Sesami: Appointment Booking Price:

  • 30-day free trial
  • From $19/month

5. Tipo Appointment Booking

Tipo Appointment Booking

Simple Appointment Booking app shopify Allow customers to book a course, sport, or service, among other things the admin calendar effectively manages appointments and workers (events calendar).

Key features:

  • Booking Management: Keep track of appointments by entering specific booking details
  • Google Calendar Sync: Make it easier for staff and customers to manage their personal schedules.
  • Best business booking app: The font, color, and background image of the appointment form are all customizable.
  • Additional custom fields: Any type of custom field can be added to the booking form.
  • Send email notifications to consumers and employees automatically.


Simple Appointment Scheduling Allow customers to book a course, sport, or service, among other things. The admin calendar effectively manages appointments and workers (events calendar).

Tipo Appointment Booking Price:

  • 7-day free trial
  • There is a free plan available. There may be additional costs.

6. Booking app by Webkul

Booking App by Webkul

If you offer customer services, such as a doctor, a dance teacher, a tutor, or someone who sells tickets, and have a Shopify store, this is the app for you. It is straightforward to add Appointment Type Booking, Rent Type Booking, Event Type Booking, and Concert Type Booking. You can easily add calendar slots to the Shopify hotel booking app so that customers can book the product based on the available slots.

Key features:

  • An interface for adding a booking feature to the products.
  • Based on your needs, choose from the six various types of bookings offered.
  • Admin has the ability to manage the booking, such as approve, postpone, and cancel the customer’s booking.
  • Shopify appointment scheduler – You can easily exclude specific dates from the booking period.
  • #1 shopify appointment booking. The administrator can add custom fields and information to the product throughout the booking process.


Make Best Shopify Appointment Booking Apps. You may quickly establish bookings based on the service type using the 6 booking kinds.

Booking app by Webkul Price:

  • 15-day free trial
  • From $18/month

7. Acerill Appointment Booking

Acerill Appointment Booking

Set your availability, post a calendar in your store, and allow consumers to make appointments with you. Confirmation emails and reminders can also be set up. With no coding necessary and a free edition that includes all of the same features as the subscription plans, you don’t have much to lose by giving this program a shot!

Key features:

  • Put up a calendar at your store (on a page or a product page).
  • Manage your reservations using Google Calendar.
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails. Shopify appointment booking plugin


Display a calendar in your store so that customers may schedule appointments.

Acerill Appointment Booking Price:

  • A free plan is available.

8. BookedUp


BookedUp makes it simple to add booking popups to your Shopify storefront, allowing customers to book services, calls, and meetings without leaving your site. Health, beauty, jewelry, and other services are trusted by storefronts like yours. Calendly, Setmore, Acuity, and more applications are supported. We provide helpful support, but you won’t need it because installation is quick and easy. Begin your free BookedUp trial today to explore how it may benefit your business.

Key features:

  • In minutes, you can create and add booking popups to your website.
  • Integrates quickly and simply with Calendly, Setmore, Acuity, and other services.
  • You can easily change the position and appearance of the popup button or link.
  • Support that is friendly and responsive
  • Shopify appointment booking plugin


In minutes, you can add popup booking forms so your consumers can book without leaving your site!

BookedUp Price:

  • 14-day free trial
  • $4/month

9. Event Calendar: Tickets & RSVP

Event Calendar – Tickets & RSVP

Evey is the ideal choice if you run an e-commerce company as well as arrange events. A dashboard is available for selling tickets, managing sales, managing attendance, and checking accounts. You may also modify how and what your tickets look like. You will also get access to cutting-edge customizing tools. Aside from that, you may use our mobile apps to distribute PDF, SMS, Apple Wallet, or Digital Tickets to your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event, as well as check in attendees.

Key features:

  • Ideal for companies who host events, classes, workshops, courses, or webinars.
  • Fully compatible with the Shopify checkout system
  • Form inputs that are unique gather information such as dietary restrictions, phone numbers, and so on.
  • Export attendance for each event with ease.
  • There are no transaction costs. There is only one monthly charge.


Ticketing software for businesses that host frequent events, courses, lectures, or workshops

Event Calendar: Tickets & RSVP Price:

  • 7-day free trial
  • From $39.99/month

10. Appointment Scheduling App

Appointment Scheduling App

Shopify experts developed Propel Appointments to allow you take appointments and bookings for anything, including services, rentals, events, webinars, courses, coaching, reservations, and more—all from one app. Propel Appointments will help you sell more bookings, save time on management, and streamline your client contacts with a sleek, mobile-first booking popup and plenty of functionality. Join the thousands of businesses that rely on Propel Appointments to run and develop their operations.

Key features:

  • In just 5 clicks, you may book in-person and virtual events.
  • Sync your team’s schedule and bookings with Google Calendar automatically.
  • Customers will be automatically notified via email and text messaging.
  • Best booking app for shopify and appointment booking app.
  • Nothing needs to be coded, and everything is entirely adjustable.
  • With a self-service interface, your employees may manage their own bookings.


Mark your calendar with appointments, reservations, services, and events.


  • A free plan is available.

Frequently Asked Questions About Booking Apps Shopify

Can I make a booking site on Shopify?

Shopify is a popular ecommerce platform that allows businesses to sell their products and services online. One of the key benefits of Shopify is its built-in booking system. This implies that businesses can accept appointments and bookings straight through their Shopify store.

How do I add a booking option to Shopify?

Adding a booking on Shopify is a simple task that can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. To begin, sign in to your Shopify account and navigate to the ‘Products’ section.

Do Square appointments work with Shopify?

The Square Appointments app is compatible with Shopify. You can use it from your Shopify admin to manage your appointments and customers.

What is the best booking app for Shopify small business?

There are various apps that claim to keep your calendar organized, but here is the best booking app for Shopify apps recommendations for any industry.

1. Acuity
2. Doodle
3. Calendar
4. Appointlet
5. HubSpot Meetings


There is an app for anything, whether you want to add appointments, bookings, or reservations to your Shopify store. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten Shopify booking applications to help you get started. Each app has its own set of features and pricing options, so makes sure to thoroughly review each one before making your final choice. We hope this list assists you in locating the best booking app for Shopify for your needs! If you require assistance or are having difficulty managing your Shopify store, contact our Shopify development professionals and receive a solution right now.

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