Birthdays are major turning points in individuals’ lives, indicating happiness, partying, and thinking. Birthdays are an opportunity for businesses to strengthen relationships with clients and make more sales. Businesses can take advantage of personalized birthday emails to show real gratitude, encourage buying and create long-term loyalty.

In the digital era it is very important that technology is used in the right way while running successful birthday email campaigns. That’s where Shopify applications come in handy, they provide easy-to-use features and automation tools that meet various business needs.

This post focuses on the top Shopify apps for automating birthday email campaigns: Happy Birthday Email Discounts, Happy Birthday Marketing, Birthday Offer, and Birthday Emails—DA. We will look at their features, pricing, and functionalities to determine which one best suits your shop’s needs.

4 Best Shopify Apps to Send Birthday Emails

1. Happy Birthday Email Discounts (Free)

Happy Birthday Email Discounts is a versatile Shopify app that will save you the effort of sending individualized birthday emails to your clients. A friendly interface and intuitive functionalities allow business enterprises to develop customized birthday email campaigns easily. The app has a variety of templates and customization tools that enable companies to match their messages to the identity of their brand.

In addition, Happy Birthday Email Discounts allow businesses offering specific discounts or promotions to recipients thereby helping increase sales and generate revenue. Firms can track the progress of their birthday email campaigns using automated email delivery and robust analytics that enable them to refine their strategies for better outcomes. Whether you’re a small boutique or a big e-commerce company, this software equips you with all the necessary instruments to communicate with your customers on that particular date to maintain good loyalty.


  • Prepare automatic personalized birthday emails
  • Create original discount codes for each client
  • Choose the kind of allowance (percentage or fixed sum)
  • Fix the time limit of the code
  • Follow up campaign through basic analytics

2. Happy Birthday Marketing (Free)

To ensure that your online business sends birthday emails that are highly personalized and targeted Happy Birthday Marketing is a Shopify app created to enable that. Individual customers can be reached by segmenting the market with this app, as it has advanced features and an intuitive user interface. There are different designs and customizable templates for businesses to choose from to create elegant, eye-catching birthday emails based on their brand.

Moreover, Happy Birthday Marketing provides comprehensive analytical software and reporting technology that allows companies to monitor their birthday email campaigns live. Businesses can improve customer relationships and increase sales on the clients’ special day by employing personalized messaging and targeted incentives.


  • Make personalized birthday emails automated
  • Create special discount codes
  • Develop customer loyalty programs and reward points
  • Segment the customers to launch targeted email campaigns
  • Use simple analytics to analyze campaign performance

3. Birthday Offer (Starts at $10/month)

The Shopify app, Birthday Offer, is a versatile tool that assists in sending unique birthday emails to clients. With its easy-to-use interface, businesses can quickly generate and schedule birthday email campaigns targeting their customers. It consists of various pre-designed templates and customization functions that can make the messages attractive to the brand identity of any business owner. Moreover, the birthday offer has advanced segmentation features that enable businesses to concentrate on particular customer sections with appropriate promotions and offers. This makes it easy to reward your customers on their birthdays by giving them exclusive discounts, freebies, or other relevant gifts if you use Birthday Offer. With its own analytics and reporting tools, this technology enables companies to monitor how their birthday email campaigns perform while making data-driven recommendations to optimize marketing efforts for the highest results.


  • Make personalized birthday emails automatic
  • Create different birthday offers (reduced prices, free presents, etc.)
  • Give rewards at different levels based on purchase history
  • The customer segmentation for targeted email campaigns
  • Use advanced analytics to evaluate the productivity of campaigns

4. Birthday Emails – DA (Starts at $5/month)

Birthday Emails – DA is a Shopify app that makes it easier for businesses to send out bespoke birthday emails. By having advanced functionalities and an easy-to-use interface, companies can create and automate birthday email campaigns. These customizable templates allow firms to make attractive customized emails in line with their brand personas. Again, Birthday Emails – DA is packed with strong segmenting capabilities.

Businesses can focus on certain customers by giving them suitable offers and promotions. From its own analytics and reporting tools, Birthday Emails – DA enables companies to monitor the progress of their birthday email campaigns, thus allowing them access to important customer information. Whether you own a tiny fashion outlet or run large online shops, Birthday Emails – DA equips you with the necessary arsenal to make birthdays special and drive lasting client commitment.


  • The automation of highly configurable birthday emails
  • An email builder that gives you the freedom to design using a drag-and-drop system
  • A wide range of alternatives for dividing customers according to their needs.
  • Repeated sending of birthday emails on set dates
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaigns through detailed tracking

Comparison Chart

Feature Happy Birthday Email Discounts Happy Birthday MarketingBirthday OfferBirthday Emails – DA
PriceFreeFree Starts at $10/month Starts at $5/month
Discount CodesYesYesYes Yes 
 Loyalty Programs NoYesYesNo
 Gift Offers NoNoYesNo
 Email Design BasicBasicCustomizableHighly Customizable
SegmentationLimitedBasicAdvanced Advanced 
 Analytics BasicBasicAdvancedDetailed


Budget and specific requirements are considered for the top Shopify app to send birthday emails. Businesses that want a simple solution with discount codes and want to reduce costs can try out Happy Birthday Email Discounts or Happy Birthday Marketing.

If more attractive offers, such as free gifts or tiered rewards, are needed to encourage purchases, Birthday Offer shines with its strong value proposition. Businesses that are concerned about perfect email design and customer segmentation in their targeted campaigns should pick Birthday Emails—DA.

Finally, if you want to create a custom birthday email solution unique to your brand and marketing objectives, partnering with CartCoders is advisable. If you are looking for the best automated happy birthday mail system for your Shopify store, CartCoders can help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I gather customer birthdays for these applications to be operational?

Yes, all the mentioned application programs scout for customer birthdays while they are at the checkout stage, sign-up forms, and your existing customer relationship management system (CRM).

Can I put more information and a name on my birthday email?

Yes, most apps let you personalize emails by including other customer details, such as previous purchase records or favorite product categories.

How are my birthday email campaigns working?

To track important factors such as email opening rates, click-through rates and revenue from birthday email marketing campaigns, all the apps provide analytics tools. If you use this data, you will know if your campaign was successful or not and what to do differently next time.

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