Have you ever encountered the challenge of “Shopify SSL Pending”? Well, probably you have, and that’s why you’re here searching for a Solution.

In Shopify, sometimes this problem happens and can be quite concerning to users. Don’t worry if you see this message in your store; it can be fixed easily if you follow the correct procedures.

This post will show you how to turn on Shopify SSL easily and hassle-free. You would be amazed at how many websites get hacked each year around the world—literally thousands of them.

More than 2,000 cyber-attacks happen every day. Therefore, one should be aware of the importance of SSL when trying to keep their online store secured and protected.

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that creates an encrypted link between the client’s browser and web server. It also prevents data loss to hackers, who can employ it in numerous ways. SSL is handy for preventing hackers from accessing your site and hacking into your customers’ accounts.

If your website has an SSL certificate, all its content and information are safe with HTTPS. But, when users visit their websites using HTTPS, their activities on the site are encrypted so that every bit of data they transmit becomes risk-free. Your customers must be secure before you start an online store.

What does SSL pending mean on Shopify?

What does SSL pending mean on Shopify

If your Shopify store is pending SSL, it does not possess an active SSL certificate. That’s why when generating your website’s certificate, Shopify indicates an error message; when you receive the error message, note that online hackers can now attack your site.
However, although your site is unsecured, it still exists in the public domain, and anyone can reach it. As a result, as an e-commerce store owner, you should not continue using your shop without resolving the issue “Shopify SSL Pending.” Otherwise, security challenges may occur in your shop, leading to severe damage to the business.

What Causes the “Shopify SSL Pending” Issue?

What Causes the Shopify SSL Pending Issue

Users often need help understanding what is called ‘SSL pending.’ There can be several causes for Shopify SSL Pending. The most frequent reason it occurs is:

  • Domain ownership authentication.
  • Certificate issuance process.
  • Reluctance by Shopify to issue a certificate due to incompliance with encryption protocols.
  • Misconfiguration
  • The content on your website.

How to Fix ‘SSL Pending’ Status on Shopify

How to Fix the SSL Pending Status on Shopify

Having your Shopify store in an SSL pending state can be frustrating. Do not worry, though; we are here to help you fix it easily and quickly. Follow these steps to troubleshoot SSL issues and enable your site to run smoothly again.

1. Wait for the Problem to Disappear: SSL certificate changes can take a fair amount of time before they disappear. The alteration process must be assessed and validated by Shopify, which consumes about 2 days. Therefore, if you have recently carried out some modifications, it is better to wait for a while.

2. Resolve Name Records: In case you are using a Shopify domain all the configuring processes are done automatically but, if you are using another domain service provider there may be need to fix your DNS settings regarding pending Shopify SSL error.

  • You need to log into your Shopify admin panel and click on “Online Store”.
  • Underneath Online Store, navigate to the Domain in the left column.
  • Then click Connect existing domain in the rightmost pane.
  • Type in your domain name and then click Next. Follow the Shopify instructions on how to manually connect your domain to Shopify.
  • Log into your Domain Provider’s dashboard whereby you will look for ‘DNS Settings’ or ‘Domain Management’ depending on your provider.
  • In the DNS records section, do some edits under A RECORDS –
  • Use an A record that points to (this is at times called a URL record).
  • If necessary, change the Hostname with @ symbol.
  • Remove any other A records from this zone if they exist.
  • Save changes by clicking on “Save”.
Shopify SSL Pending

1. Revisit Your Domain Settings.

Sometimes, the SSL pending status is caused by a misconfiguration in your domain settings. Start by going to the Admin dashboard of Shopify and navigating to the website “online store,” where you click on domains. Check that your domain is properly tied up and that all DNS settings are perfect.

2. Fix Any Mixed Content Issues.

Mixed content refers to a situation whereby secure pages (HTTPS) include insecure resources (HTTP). As a result, SSL becomes unavailable or fails to function efficiently.
To remedy this, ensure that all your resources are loaded securely. Ensure that the store’s theme code, as well as any apps or third-party integrations, uses HTTPS.

3. Be Patient and Wait for Site Refresh Delays.

It is good to remember that an SSL certificate can take up to two days to provision new domains. If you have recently configured your domain name, wait for its propagation period. Then, refresh it and ascertain if the SSL pending status is resolved.

4. Contact Shopify Support.

If you continue having SSL problems, it is high time to involve the Shopify support team.
They have a specialized team of experts to help you troubleshoot SSL issues. Give them your login credentials and other necessary information so they can walk you through everything else involved.

5. Seek help from an IT firm or professional

If the Shopify support team cannot fix your problem, you could also approach an IT professional or an SSL and Shopify integration company. They will confirm whether there is a deeper issue and amend any remaining SSL configuration issues.

Important Points to Remember for Shopify SSL Pending

Important Points to remember for Shopify SSL Pending

Getting that error fixed on Shopify is the most important thing to earn users’ trust and enhance the SERP visibility of your store. Here are a few things to remember if you have a “Shopify SSL Pending” situation:

  • Online websites with SSL certificates instil faith in users while affecting SEO.
  • If your domain has Shopify SSL pending, it means your SSL certificate is there but not yet fully configured.
  • SSL certification usually resolves within a couple of hours, though it can take up to 48 hours in some cases.
  • Certain DNS settings issues can thwart the successful installation of SSL.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my SSL to be pending on Shopify?

The duration of the SSL is uncertain. The full issuance and activation of an SSL certificate typically takes just a few minutes to two days. Patience is advisable during this time.

Why is my SSL still pending on my Shopify site?

There can be several reasons why your Shopify SSL is still in the pending state. The most common one is that the SSL certificate is being issued and verified, which may require some time. Verify domain ownership and double-check DNS settings.

What should I do to resolve SSL unavailable on Shopify?

Please confirm your domain ownership, check that the DNS settings are properly configured, and ensure that your website does not contain mixed content (e.g., non-secure links). If you experience any other issues, contact Shopify Support.

Is it Possible to Speed Up an SSL Connection?

There is no known way to speed up SSL connections. Most clients obtain their certificates in about 48 hours. Please contact Shopify’s customer support for further guidance and assistance if this still needs to be enabled.


If your Shopify store’s status shows ‘SSL Pending,’ rest assured, this is a common issue among Shopify merchants and not a cause for alarm. It simply means your SSL has not yet been activated. For security and safety purposes, you can follow the steps in this post to fix SSL pending issues in your Shopify store.

It’s crucial to understand that updating your store’s security is not just a task but a necessity to maintain customer trust and prevent potential attacks. Whether you are an experienced eCommerce expert or just starting, securing your online store should be a top priority.

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